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  professor 19:54 28 May 2003

hey all

bit of research this...does anyone know of a good website that tells people how to overclock thier CPU? u know a website with lots of pretty pictures and diagrams and charts ;o)

preferably a site dealing with the Athlon XP rang going from the early Thourghbread core through to the latest Barton core. the reason? i like stuff like that its interesting.


oh if anyone knows a website that does this for the P3 and P4 i'll take a look at that as well

  Terrahawk 20:36 28 May 2003

not my thing personaly but have a nose round this site may give you some info
beware though overclocking can reduce the life expectancy of components
click here

  eccomputers 20:45 28 May 2003

As far as I'm aware, the p4 cannot be overclocked, not sure about the p3 but think that was the same. The reason is, it shortens their life. I never overclock processors because computers I have repaired with AMD processors, almost always have the clocks interfered with and they have burnt out. I know many people say their machines are well cooled and run quite happily overclocked, but to me its like continually running an engine with the rev counter in the red.

  professor 20:47 28 May 2003

not bad terrahawk..cheers! any other wbsites ppl?


  professor 21:03 28 May 2003

you forget somthing very important...

admitedly yes i do overclock a little but not stupidly, for example a 1800+ CPU i would take up to 1900+ CPU no higher - the reason? AMD actually UNderclock their CPU's so a 1800+ could acually run fine(and was probably supposed to)run at a 1900+ speed and the benefits are huge really too as on my GA-7VAXP my old XP1800+ i clocked to 1900+ and got a +20 bench result increase just by upping the FSB from 133Mhz to 137Mhz....make a system perform at its full potential thats what i say.


  eccomputers 23:08 29 May 2003

being very interested in your comment that AMD underclock their processors, I had to email AMD and ask why they would do something so silly. They are stunned to say the least, and I was wondering if you could inform me as to where you obtained that information as they are very interested. According to them, their processor specs are not rated underclocked and clients overclock at their own risk.

  The Sack 23:32 29 May 2003

AMD do not underclock there CPUs, it’s more of a supply and demand thing. If there is a sudden rush for XP1700+ processors it might lock the multiplier on XP2400+ silicone so it runs at XP1700+ but don’t go blindly buying the lowest speed Athlon you can buy and expect it to hit 2.2GHz because you might just find that the processor you bought is exactly what it says on the tin. If this is the case then the CPU started life as an XP whatever+ and failed the quality control down to the speed you bought it at.

Athlons can have there multiplier unlocked (some are supplied unlocked) and can therefore be overclocked with either the front side bus, the multiplier or a combination of both. The P4 is multiplier locked and must be overclocked using the FSB only, the problem with this is it also raises the PCI bus speeds etc and you can suddenly find your had drive has suffered that much data corruption Windows wont boot. However the P4 is more scalable and huge overclocks can be had.

The best option for over clocking is the nForce 2 boards as the PCI bus is locked, so when you pump up the FSB only the CPU and RAM get the speed hit and everything else in the PC is running within spec. I have my Athlon XP2400+ running at its default speed of 2GHz but it is running on a 400MHz FSB (default is 266MHz) with the RAM in sync this gives just over 1GB of extra bandwidth that can be shoved through the processor without any increase in heat. The processor will run fine at 2.1GHz with a Vcore of 1.65V; it is ok at 2.2GHz with a Vcore of 1.75V and ok at 2.3GHz with a Vcore of 1.90V all on a 400MHz FSB or a 440MHz if you up the voltage to the RAM (again more heat). All this creates more heat than it is worth and to be honest you can’t tell much of a difference. That’s why I only run a faster FSB at the default speed, there is no heat penalty to pay and high bandwidth stuff does benefit.

  woodchip 23:38 29 May 2003

try checking out your motherboard manufactures website, i use an MSI board (with a willamette and rdram doh!) they have a program called fuzzy logic4 that you can use to pump up the fsb and the core voltage and monitor everything , you might find yours has something similar,

as to other websites, overclockers.co.uk as mentions and try a search on google. coolcasemods.co.uk is a little off base but could be of interest to you

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