CPU Speed Problems.

  Petopjasp 12:56 30 May 2005


I have just bought a ASUS A7V400-MX mobo.
I put a AMD Athlon XP 3200 cpu in it but I can't get it to run faster than 1.0 ghz, I tried another cpu an AMD Athlon XP 3000 and that only runs at 1.3 ghz. There doesn't appear to be anyway of adjusting this in the BIOS.

Please help!

  Yoda Knight 13:00 30 May 2005

Check on the board itself for jumpers that do the multiplying (although I cant see it not being in the BIOS)

  Joe R 13:17 30 May 2005


For the CPU to run at it's correct speed, the FSB should be set to 200, and the multipier set to 11x.

  Petopjasp 13:28 30 May 2005

Thanks Yoda Knight there doesn't appear to be any.

Joe R - This I have done with my last mobo but this one doesn't appear to be adjustable.

  ACOLYTE 13:34 30 May 2005

Shouldnt this be aoutmatically done when the CPu is inserted?,im not sure for this mobo but on mine there is a little switch,not a jumper and i have to set this to auto to run faster than 100 ,it only has the 2 settings 100/Auto.maybe there is a switch on yours?

According to click here

your DSW is at the top right corner of the mobo
and the first 3 switches should be set to ON and the last 2 to OFF for a 200 FSB.
You need page 23 of the PDf document.


  Joe R 13:36 30 May 2005


The Asus site is a nightmare just now, but on an AMD support site, it says that the DSW Switches, on the mobo need to be adjusted, to change the FSB.

I can't really say much more just now, as I can't get a hold of a manual.

  Petopjasp 13:50 30 May 2005

Thanks to all.
Especially ACOLYTE. You were spot on! Thankyou so much.
My mobo manual is wrong it says first three off last two on on the DSW.
Works great now and wow it's fast.
Thanks again.

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