CPU speed

  Sparky3327 11:54 07 Mar 2003

I've just installed a new mainboard and processor. The processor should run at 1600Mhz, but it's only showing 1250Mhz. Why is that and how do I get it up to speed?

  MartinT-B 12:01 07 Mar 2003

Go into your Bios - look for the CPU setting and choose the right one

Save and exit

  pj123 13:26 07 Mar 2003

I have the same problem. What motherboard is it?
I have a Gigabyte GA-7IXEH, it will only take up to 1.4 CPU. My Processor is an Athlon XP2000 but shows only 1250mhz. The company I bought the motherboard from have agreed to change it for free?

  Webmaster 13:42 07 Mar 2003

My responce might be relevant to this situation, nevertheless, I believe it is worth pointing out.

I have found to my irritation (du to many attempts at installing Windows 2000) that the latest Windows installers sometimes cannot cope with the modern fast chips. It has been said, but I have not come across it personally, that the same problem sometime occurs whilst installing Windows xp also. I bought an Athlon XP2400 which runs at 2.0 GHz, however, I eventually discovered that I had to flick the onboard switches of the motherboard in a particular way so that it reduced the clock speed to 1.5 Ghz. Once I installed Windows 2000, I flicked the switches back to the normal setting and the computer now runs back at 2.0 Ghz.

Perhaps your motherboard, pj123, has been set to only allow the processor to run at 1250 MHz. One other note, which might apply - bear in mind that the Athlon XP2000 only runs at 1667 Mhz (subject to AMD's bizarre naming system which might trick people to buy something that is slower than they believe).

  Sparky3327 13:58 07 Mar 2003

Now that's uncanny, my motherboard is a Soltek but the processor is also an Athlon XP2000. I made sure they were compatible before I bought them, and the board should take a faster processor.

I was one of those fooled into thinking I was getting a 2Gb chip. But I still want it to run at its optimum. It's fast enough at 1250 at the moment, but that's not really the point.

  Stuartli 15:25 07 Mar 2003

AMD's method of rating its processors is well documented - one may run at, say, 1.8MHz but is labelled on the lines of XP2000 (2GB).

This is because AMD claims that it matches the Intel higher speed equivalent performance wise, although this situation has changed somewhat in recent months as Intel produces even faster CPUs.

  Lead 16:44 07 Mar 2003

An XP2000+ runs at 1.66Ghz = 12.5 x 133

Yours is running at 12.5 x 100 = 1.25GHz

If your bios doesn't do it automatically, then manually adjust your fsb to 133MHz.

You BIOS may require an update to support the faster XP chips, check the motherboards web site.

An XP2000+ running at 1.66GHz is comparable to a Pentium running at 2GHz, that's why AMD renamed their chips; people were being 'fooled' into thinking they were slower than Intels, when they aren't, the opposite is often the case.

  Lead 17:03 07 Mar 2003

PS If you can't do it in the BIOS, there should be a jumper on the mobo for 100/133

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