CPU speed

  iqs 19:35 04 Mar 2009


I have a Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz CPU.I have used CPUID to supply info regarding the chip,but when the FSB is multiplied by the multiplier,the speed/figure is different.

Any help please.

Core Speed 1596.1 MHz
Multiplier X6.0
Bus Speed 266.0 MHz
Rated FSB 1064.0 MHz

  MAT ALAN 19:40 04 Mar 2009

bus speed should read 1066 not 266 it's a mile out...

  iqs 19:41 04 Mar 2009

Ran SIW,the FSB is 266 and the multiplier is 9.1,this equals 2394...2,4Ghz


  iqs 19:42 04 Mar 2009

Do I have problems MAT ALAN

  MAT ALAN 19:48 04 Mar 2009

OOPS!!! probably not i have read it wrong and from your reply all seems well, could just be bad info from CPUID...

  iqs 19:54 04 Mar 2009


Just checked the BIOS,the FSB is set to 266,but can be set to 333.
I know this is overclocking and it can damage a CPU,but do you know if this CPU handle the increase in speed without a change of heatsink and fan?.

  MAT ALAN 19:58 04 Mar 2009

Don't reaally see the point you will hardly notice the diference, you will only reduce the life of your CPU and of courese its gonna generate more heat so a more capable fan would be the way to go if you do decide to overclock...

gonna do a bit of diggin, get back to ya...

  MAT ALAN 20:03 04 Mar 2009

The E660 will clock to 144% wich is about another gigs worth fair old jump that...

click here

some good info in the link...

  MAJ 20:09 04 Mar 2009


  MAT ALAN 20:15 04 Mar 2009

STOP, then what MAJ?

  cream. 20:17 04 Mar 2009

"bus speed should read 1066 not 266 it's a mile out..."

No it is not. It is correct. it's the motherboard that quad's it to 1066.

Do not to try to start it at 333Mhz. the motherboard will clock that to 1333 and it will fry the cpu before it even boots. Thats if it will start.

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