CPU speed

  JohnDG 13:30 22 Jul 2007

Why has my AMD 3200+ that was running at 2.2 now rated at 1100? System info gives this speed as does Belarc adviser.

  johnnyrocker 13:32 22 Jul 2007

my pc occasionally does this and the cure is to go into set up during boot up and reset speed.


  umbongo(uk) 15:26 22 Jul 2007

you have
cool n quiet turned on which throttle,s the cpu to low so it saves power
it will then go upto 2.2 when it needs it

if you go into the systems bios on boot you can turn cool n quiet off

  paul€ 16:26 22 Jul 2007

Run cpu-z click here

It will tell you if the cpu is running at default bios speed johnnyrocker or it is running at cool n quiet umbongo(uk).

the multiplier setting will tell you witch one it is.

  JohnDG 17:21 22 Jul 2007

Used cpu-z it gives Bus speed 100MHz Multiplyer 11 which equals 1100
I think the Bus speed should be 200 X 11 = 2200 which is what it used to run at.
How do I change the Bus speed, and how did it change itself?

Thanks for info so far.

  paul€ 18:38 22 Jul 2007

" how did it change itself "

possibly the computer did not shut down or boot up properley. Or the computer had incured a error.

" How do I change the Bus speed "

9 times out of ten you enter the bios and change it to 200Mhz. save the changes and exit.

if unsure post back details of motherboard for consise instructions.

  JohnDG 18:50 22 Jul 2007

You maybe right as I am having some Mobo problems booting as my graphics card is not in good contact (no signal to monitor) (fault on Mobo) and sometimes I have to remove it and replace it which means that the BIOS resets to default each time after I adjust it. MOBO is ASROCK K7S8XE+ (I dont like their BIOS)

  paul€ 19:14 22 Jul 2007

start your computer and keep tapping the delete key. Enter the bios.

navigate to " advanced bios setup menu ". the first heading should be "CPU host frequency"

this should have one of two settings

1) by jumper


If it is manual:- highlight it and use the PgUp or PgDn keys to change it to 200Mhz. Press the F10 key to save and exit.

If it says by jumper you will need to check the motherboard jumper settings. You will need to post back for instructions on that.

  JohnDG 20:01 22 Jul 2007

Set Jumpers to 200FSB
set Bios Manual to 200MHz
BUT cpu-z gives Core speed 1097.4 Multiplyer x11
Bus speed 99.8MHz
Rated FSB 199.5MHz

I think that as I have trouble booting (graphics card seating problem) After setting BIOS and when it fails to get a signal from card, I have to 'jiggle' card and when it boots it says it resets BIOS to 'default' so maybe it reverts to 100MHz?
When it does boot the speed is lower than normal.
I may have to get a new MoBo and CPU I think.
Can we still get socket A (462) mobos?

(I built this comp about a year ago and this is the first major problem),(age getting me down now I'm 71)

  Totally-braindead 20:20 22 Jul 2007

The only ones you can still get socket A are PC Chips and AsRock, personally would prefer the AsRock as they are ASUS budget boards, heres an example click here better check it can take your chip before purchase.

  paul€ 20:35 22 Jul 2007

So what is the setting in the bios

By jumper or manual?

If it's by jumper it should not reset to 100Mhz. if it does it would be well to check the jumper settings.

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