JIP 14:15 18 Jan 2005

Motherboard Asus A7A266-E bios 1009
CPU Athlon Xp1800+
CPU speed set at recommended 1533; multiple 11.5; System/SdRAM/PCI Freq 133/133/33.
System runs for short time, closes down, reboots in safe mode with message 'closed down due to incorrect CPU speed'
At present have left Bios set at'manual'.Running MSI InfoView XP shows system running at 1150
Any ideas what is causing this and any ideas as to answer.

  chugby 19:35 18 Jan 2005

think AMD site might be best bet, found similar query...see link click here

  georgemac 19:45 18 Jan 2005

click here download and unzip this to a folder, run crystalcpuid and see what it says about the cpu

there are 2 athlon 1800's palomini and throughbred, both run at same speed, 1533 mhz as you say but have different vcore voltage.

take it there are no temperature problems?

can you also run asus probe & monitor temps and voltages click here 4th one down

  JIP 23:10 18 Jan 2005

Thanks chugby & georgemac.
chugby I looked @ same item on AMD site, it did'nt really help,but thanks.
georgemac I have run crystalcpuid :- 1164, multiplier 11.5 x 101. Asus:- 1150. MSI InfoView:- 1150. Lavalys Inc Everest Home:- Palomino 1166 muliplier 11.5 x 101 (this is unbelievable prog, gave me 85 pages of info on my system click here)
So all checks show 1150/1166 with 1150 multiplier.All website show it should be 1533 & 133 - but it just don't work at that.

  JIP 23:13 18 Jan 2005

Sorry I forgot to say that voltage is set right for Palomino and according to all check progs there are no temp. problems

  ACOLYTE 23:22 18 Jan 2005

Dont know if im barking up the wrong tree but have you updated the bios? as on some threads i have read this mobo can only run an Athlon 1400 without a bios update,as i said i may be wrong.

  georgemac 07:45 19 Jan 2005

There is no athlon that runs at 100 fsb 1150 mhz.

In crytalcpuid can you note the um figure next to Athlon XP - this will give us a real idea of your cpu, also note the numbers between family and model.

If you want go file, save image and email it to me using the envelope beside my name and I'll have a look at it for you.

Acolyte may have hit the nail on the head about needing a bios update. Can you post your bios date from everest - on boot up on Asus boards the bios version is usually displayed on the screen - it may be 1009 or 1012 or something similar for the version.

  JIP 13:43 19 Jan 2005

Thanks Acolyte
Don't know if what you say re. mobo being able to run without update is right or not. I had thought about flashing bios but the way my luck is at moment with system I have tried to leave this as last (desperate) resort. If it has to be done I might let a pro do it.

  JIP 13:50 19 Jan 2005

Hi again georgemac. Thanks for all your
attention. If I have given wrong info re.100fsb 1150mhz I'm sorry I must have mis-read something.
I am taking you up on your kind offer and mailing you a folder containing screen shots taken with (or should that be from) cystalCpuid;Asus;Everest and MSI Infoview.

  georgemac 14:13 19 Jan 2005

I'll have a look, I don't think you have misread, 1150 if run at 133 fsb will be running at 1533 which is an xp1800 which is what you have got.

click here
for your motherboard to support an xp1800 it looks like it must be rev 1.11 - you can normally find this by looking at the board - it is usually marked between the pci slots - and it must have the latest bios version 1012

I'll have a look at the mail and get back to you.

  JIP 14:47 19 Jan 2005

Hi georgemac. Thanks for link you provided. It looks more and more like a bios update. Asus site shows bios should be 1012, all my readings show mine to be 1009. Looks like Acolyte was 'on the money'. Would still like you to look at read-outs, if you don't mind - and if I can sort out how to send them.

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