CPU speed

  arachne 20:39 11 Jul 2004

What is the speed of AMD K7-2600 processor
My computer show an error on start up saying CPU unworkable CPU may have been changed alter BIOS

  norman47 20:45 11 Jul 2004

It should be 2167Mhz. click here

13 X 166Mhz.

  Night Ryder 20:55 11 Jul 2004

This processor speed is 1917Mhz. In bios these are the settings you require(333FSB/1917Mhz). You will have to work out the multiplyer to achieve this speed. You could first go to bios and choose to load the fail safe settings. This is likely to get the PC to boot at a lesser speed than 1917Mhz but will enable you to check there are no other problems. All being well, enter bios again and enter the correct values. I have found in the past after using the fail save settings, that on a re boot the bios sometimes detects and puts the correct values in for you. If this is the case and the PC is now showing 1917Mhz, problem solved.

  norman47 20:55 11 Jul 2004

For some reason I had gotten a 2700+ in my head.

Do you know if it is a barton or thoroughbred cpu. As you can see from the chart, there is 3 X 2600+ CPUs. 2 run at 166Mhz and one runs at 133Mhz.

  norman47 21:04 11 Jul 2004

If it is a Barton cpu then your clock speed will be 1917Mhz as Night Ryder says.

If it is a thoroughbred then it could be either a 2083Mhz or 2133Mhz.

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