CPU shows at 20% usuage non-stop when XP is idle

  JohnS 12:28 13 Oct 2003

My XP pro system is running slow. The performance manager shows the CPU runnig at 22% used all the time with a spike hitting 90% every 10 minutes or so(also - only 100k memory used). The application panel shows nothing unusual running.
This happens whether or not connected to broadband. Windows takes a long time to load and shut down too.

I think maybe there is a virus or something crept on the machine but I have run the latest Norton virus check and none found.

a) does anyone have any ideas please and
b) is there some software utility that I can use that will thoroughly check the system out. Something that the trade use for instance.

thanks - RG

  JIM 14:02 13 Oct 2003

Have you tried the disabling startup programs items via systems config manager(msconfig)to see if you can isolate what maybe using the CPU at 22%?

Even disabling service items via the same.ONLY disable a few/or one at a time. May take a while but then if you pop into Task manager in between you may find out.(program wise)

  tenaka 15:18 13 Oct 2003

There are many things you can install that even though are not running them, they have services running in the background. This applies to Windows XP (NT based OS's) and a much lesser degree Millennium and lower.

You can check your services list but if you haven't already thought of this it is more than likely that 99% of them listed won't mean anything to you. (no offence meant by that)

Thing is, that there are programs out there that will list the processes running (which you can get from windows anyway) as well as listing processes that are set to be hidden from the main list. This list will mean even less to you than the services list so I'm personally not sure what you would gain using a utility.

If you still want one, I use Task Pro, an old version (v2.0 if i recall correctly) but registered so sufficient to meet my needs. Don't recall website for it and am at work at mo, sorry.

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