CPU setting confirmation......

  Bodi 23:15 25 Jul 2003

On an Asus A7V Raid board with a 200mhz FSB, the jumper setting for an Athlon Thunderbird 1.3Ghz 266mhz FSB would be the following?

CPU external frequency setting = 133.30

Bus Frequency multiple = 9.5

or would it be a pointless exercise upgrading the 800Mhz chip with the above?


  Bodi 23:58 25 Jul 2003

will just order it tomorrow and see how things go.

Have managed to get a BIOS update so things should be OK.


  woodchip 23:58 25 Jul 2003

Do not think it would be worth the effort, cheap motherboard and XP CPU's make them obsolete

  woodchip 00:06 26 Jul 2003

This is my board click here
I have a 1600xp but they do not do that one now. click here you would need a new fan and one stick of DDR memory built in sound

  Bodi 00:12 26 Jul 2003

The board works fine and does everything the owner wants from it, but she wants to upgrade the CPU.

I've downloaded an update for the BIOS, and am looking for the latest Promise drivers and will see how things go.

Thanks for your help


  goonerbill 06:06 26 Jul 2003

hi bodi

had a look at Asus site and they say the board you are looking to put a new cpu into only has a fsb 200 click here so the athlon 1.3 you are thinking of using wont run correctly and if you set the fsb to 266(133mhz) you'll be overclocking it.

  Bodi 09:08 26 Jul 2003

Trawled the net until the early hours and found this:

click here

So it appears the a Thunderbird 1.3ghz WILL work on the Asus A7V motherboard. Once I've flashed the BIOS - I'm hoping this will be OK.

Thanks for your help.


  Bodi 22:26 09 Aug 2003

I have just finished updating this computer and managed to put the Athlon Thunderbird 1.3ghz into the motherboard successfully.

The settings were CPU external frequency =100mhz
The multiplier = 12.5

Of course, being absent minded, I couldn't set the CPU at 133 mhz, because as goonerbill correctly stated, the fsb of the 1.3 was 200 - as is the motherboard. Did get there in the end though.

I flashed the BIOS too and this increased the speed of the Promise controller, then added a 30GB/72000 IBM Deskstar UDMA, and the thing really zips along now.

Thanks to both Woodchip & Goonerbill.


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