CPU running 100%

  Snrub 10:55 26 Feb 2010

On start up and when loading programmes the cpu runs at 100% for sometimes 20/30 seconds. This happens when AVG is lanched and is particularly bad when Spy-bot teatimer is launched.

Is this normal?

I have a 2 minute delay on starting Spy-bot so that other programmes launch first. I am using XP and start up takes in the region of 3 minutes.

Is this excessive too?

  Terry Brown 11:00 26 Feb 2010

It could be that your system is not powerful enough to start all these systems at start up.

If after the first 3 minutes it runs OK, don,t worry about it.

If you want to check what is actually running at start, download starter.exe, and run it. This will show you exactly what is running on your machine at boot up, with the option to stop any non-essential programs starting. (Fully reversable).

  birdface 11:06 26 Feb 2010

Maybe switch the tea timer off.
You should not need it as AVG has its own Resident Shield which should do the same.
I may be wrong but if so someone will point it out.
Switch AVG Anti-Virus scan off and run it when you want to run it.
If you are going out or are busy you can set it to run and there is a box that you can tick so that it will power down the computer when the scan is finished.

  Snrub 01:35 18 Mar 2010

On further checking the CPU runs frequently at 100% for lengthy periods when any program is run or even opening a browser wesite. Is this normal?

  birdface 08:21 18 Mar 2010

If nothing running System idle process should be showing about 96% that is normal.If anything else using up a lot of the CPU let us know what.

  birdface 08:29 18 Mar 2010

If an oldish computer check that the air vents are clear of dust and fluff if so inside will probably need cleaning.
More memory.Once again if an old computer I found it a waste of time adding extra memory as there was very little difference in running.
Maybe give it a defrag and see if that helps and maybe run C Cleaner to get rid of the crap.
Check msconfig start up and see if there are any programs not needing to run at start up.Just untick the ones you don't need running and reboot.
A box will appear on reboot just tick the little square and it will not show again.

  birdface 08:33 18 Mar 2010

If Spybot is the only Anti-Spyware program that you have running I would download update and run Malwarebytes free version.
When downloaded let it do a full scan,after that a short scan about twice a week and a full scan about once a fortnight should do it.

  Snrub 23:30 24 Mar 2010

Have done all you suggest buteman but no change. Computer crashes frequently could it be cpu overheating?

  User-1229748 00:34 25 Mar 2010

try disconnecting from internet totally and disable all your internet security and then run some programs offline and see if it still sticks at 100% teatimer will slow your pc down whenever its running,avg isn't the lightest of anti virus either

  Technotiger 08:47 25 Mar 2010

Press Ctrl/Alt/Del together, then click on the Processes Tab - now you should be able to see exactly what is using most of your CPU - you can ignore System Idle Processes, it is normal for that to show the high 90's percentages. It is the figure under the CPU column that you should look at, most will be 00 ......

  birdface 09:02 25 Mar 2010

Try running with tea timer switched off.

[On further checking the CPU runs frequently at 100% for lengthy periods when any program is run or even opening a browser website. Is this normal?]

On an older computer probably yes.

Thats why I recently invested on a new Tower from E-Buyer.
Maybe some of your drivers needing updated.
Maybe try driver Max it will only let you download 2 drivers a day but may help.
What Firewall do you use.
Have you enough disc space left.And did you open up the computer to check that all of the fans were working Ok.
And how old is the computer.

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