CPU Running at 100%

  birdface 11:00 04 Dec 2007

Hi.When running some of my Security programs Cpu is showing about 100% usage.Under Performance in Taskmanager PF usage is 240 mb.I have 480 Mb.Physical Memory 490992.Available 166280.system Cache 247052.Nothing else running on TaskManager,Is there a way to fix this without cost as the computer is about 5 yrs old.Obvious when that is running it is extremely hard to run any other programs at the same time.Any advice welcome even though I may have to part with some cash[I hate the sound of that].I was using Spybot when using 100% I also have A Squared and AVG and they are also High CPU users but not just as bad as Spybot.

  I am Spartacus 11:03 04 Dec 2007

When I run Spybot on my Core 2 Duo. It uses only one core and 50%. On my laptop with a 2.2 Mobile Pentium it uses 100% and I have the same problem with multitasking. Not sure the problem with Spybot can be fixed without cost unless you replace it with something less resource hungry.

  SANTOS7 11:06 04 Dec 2007

click here
some good info here, it may help...

  birdface 11:33 04 Dec 2007

Thanks for the replies.I suppose the best time to run my Security programs would be at night time.I think AVG is great,If you are going out you just click the little square at the bottom and it shuts down the computer when it has finished scanning,Its a pity more security do not have the same Idea. Santos read that click here and found some useful comments but when he said Norton should be run on all your computers I thought that maybe be he was not so clever after all.

  Les28 17:19 04 Dec 2007

Is it a-squared free 3.0 you are using ? If so I have it myself and after running a check with the free version and closing the programme I always bring up task manager and stop the service a2service.exe which will continue running otherwise and use system resources, the free version doesn't run in the background like the paid for version so the service isn't needed to run all the time after you've done a scan with a squared free, it mightn't save a lot of resources but every little bit helps, Les.

  birdface 17:42 04 Dec 2007

Ok Les.I must admit I have not seen it running in TaskManager after a scan ,But I will look a bit closer from now on.Thanks for the feed back.Normally there is nothing running System idle process is usually about the 97% mark where it should be,

  Les28 17:59 04 Dec 2007

I have a real lazy pc my system idle is 99% !
I find a2service.exe in the processes tab list in task manager and just highlight it and click end process, Les.

  birdface 18:09 04 Dec 2007

Hi Les,As It is not causing any bother I will just leave it.If it starts playing up.I will try stopping it.Thanks.

  birdface 10:34 06 Dec 2007

Looks like an up-grade is probably needed so will class this as resolved.

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