cpu running at 100%

  [DELETED] 01:32 12 Sep 2003

Hi Everyone,
Like an thread earlier this year, my cpu has started running at 100% -even with no programs running and the systray emptied.
I have XP pro and have checked task manager and it simply shows "system" as using the cpu, but does not give details.
I have downloaded a trial version of sysinternal's "process explorer" but I dont have enough expertise to identify applications from the catchy names like "\Device\NetbiosSmb". I have done a virus scan and there is no virus and I have used "hijackthis" and can't see any nasties in the list.

Has anyone had this and solved it without a reformat or O/S reinstall. I am keen to find a fix because I have a laptop with desktop chip and it is starting to run very very hot.

  [DELETED] 03:04 12 Sep 2003

in case you may have a virus or trojans that your virus scanner has not picked up,suggest you do a online scan with the following. Easy to follow after accepting poss file download

click here

  [DELETED] 08:43 12 Sep 2003

Download Spybot S & D from click here in case you have any spyware on your system, install, update and run it to clear any spyware it finds.

I would also suggest you download and run an antitrojan scanner such as swatit from click here where they have a free version or TDS-3 from click here which is a free trial but if you want access to automatic updates you have to buy the program but it can be updated manually.

Not all A/V detect trojans.

  [DELETED] 13:00 12 Sep 2003

Hi People,
I ran the housecall virus checker that was suggested, and it did not find anything ( I have a full regularly updated version of Norton on board), but all through the scan the system was at 100% but when it ended the system was back to normal 6-10%
This also happened when I used symantec's win doctor. The "benefit" lasted until the next reboot and then it was up to 100% again. Win doctor only found two disconnected shortcuts.
Thanks also for Spybot info - I have run that an eliminated a number of spy cookies, but the system was running at normal rates before I did this.
I am going to try a reboot now to see what % usage I get.
thanks for the help so far

  [DELETED] 13:06 12 Sep 2003

Are you running GoBack? This can cause behaviour like you are experiencing, I understand as can Windows Indexing Service.

  [DELETED] 13:26 12 Sep 2003

Have a think back to when your problem was noticed.If you can remember any software that you installed or downloaded,do a uninstall to see if any change take place.

Taking it for granted that you have not added any hardware of late.

  [DELETED] 23:24 12 Sep 2003

I did wonder if it might be goback. Its a laptop so it is not a hardware problem.
If it is goback how does a windoctor or housecall scan correct the problem, I wonder?

  [DELETED] 06:23 13 Sep 2003

The way to stop GoBack doing this is to remove GoBack.

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