CPU recognised incorrectly

  PeterCol 11:50 13 Dec 2004

I have an XP athlon 2100+ processor fitted to a new motherboard but windows XP only recognises it as an XP athlon 1500. Does this mean That I wont get full performance out of the processor? Is there anything I can do about it?


  ACOLYTE 11:54 13 Dec 2004

Have you set the fsb to the correct speed in bios?133 i think, and it should be showing as 1.73Ghz for correct speed.

  PeterCol 12:03 13 Dec 2004

The bios set the speed automatically and I am not sure I can manually adjust the settings. I will have access to the computer in an hour so will check then.


  keith-236785 14:47 13 Dec 2004

ACOLYTE is right, change the FSB to 133mhz from 100mhz will then report the proc as an athlon 2100

  PeterCol 15:09 13 Dec 2004

Yes changing the CPU detection from automatic to manual in the Bios gives the CPU detected as 2100+.

Thanks for your help.

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