cpu & ram upgrade

  Steve M 21:06 04 Feb 2004

I want to upgrade to a more powerful cpu and add more ram ... current spec: AMD Athlon(tm)XP 1800+ with 512MB DDR ram ...socket A main board, K7s5A. Could someone please advise the fastest CPU and the correct ram to get?? .. in the bios the cpu speed is shown as 133/133mhz, cpu frequency 133mhz and dram frequency as 133mhz.does this mean I must get PC133ram or what??

  VoG II 21:09 04 Feb 2004

Enter your motherboard details at click here and it will tell you what RAM would suit.

  Steve M 21:44 04 Feb 2004

I've found that my m/board is made by ECS but when I follow instructions on the above link it doesn't give me a list to choose from .. I've tried this for other m/boards also! I've tried analysing my system using Aida32 and it reports my 'real clock' as 133mhzDDR but doesn't say whether I need pc2100,2700 etc

  clayton 22:14 04 Feb 2004

you will need to check if you have pc2100 or pc 2700 DDR memory, also check the motherboard revison number as later boards might support faster cpu's

  Steve M 22:33 04 Feb 2004

How do I check if I have pc2100 or pc2700

  bananaslik 09:29 05 Feb 2004

hi Steve M,take your side off your compo & remove a stick of memory,it will tell u what it is on the side..sorry i cant help with the mobo & cpu.ive just built a new one at chrimbo=running athlon xp2600 with 1 gig of pc3200 ddr400.it works really well.if your board will take it i would advise it to anyone.

  dth 09:49 05 Feb 2004

I had a similiar P/C spec to you and have just upgraded to an AMD XP 2600. To be honest there isn't really that much difference in the P/C performance and on reflection it wasn't really worth bothering.

You are likely to have PC2100 ram.

  seancblack 10:29 05 Feb 2004

Hi Mate, you will have pc 2100 as your board does not support pc 2700, follow this link which will advise on what processors/ Ram you can have, My personal suggestion is that you also upgrade your mainboard if you are going to the expense, and you will be able to buy quicker DDR ram at roughly the same price. click here

  Steve M 21:57 05 Feb 2004

Thanks to all who replied .. think I'll just go with the ram upgrade for the moment (need it for Photoshop) doesn't look like I'll get much benefit from the XP2600 cpu

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