CPU and RAM have high usage whithout me doing much

  koromilos 16:43 13 Jun 2018

Hello everyone,

I have a few issues screwing my PC for quite a while so any help will be awesome.

RAM and CPU usage go very high, whithout me running a lot of programs. For example in the image provided, I am running a Chrome tab with a twitch stream on it (lowest quality for testing purposes, if that matters), reddit tab and State of Decay 2, a game which is not considered very heavy, compared to other games. Both my RAM and CPU usage is very high. CPU at 42% which makes no sense since the game eats 30% and everything else is minor. With the RAM I have a bigger issue. Everything on the screenshot accounts hardly to 2 GBs which is 1/4 (8 GBs) of my available memory, not 58% as it shows. Could it be a memory leak? Maybe a malware or a virus or something? Maybe cause my RAM sticks are old? GPU is also at 100% usage but I don't know what that means and even if it is worth mentiong.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Screenshots of Specs and Task Manager

Some info that could be usefull.

I have MalwareBytes and Ccleaner running.

I recently formatted my SSD C: drive but did not format my old 2 TB hard drive that has a bunch of stuff in it. Maybe even a virus but I doubt it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:52 13 Jun 2018

Windows is a big user task manager showing 17% of 16G and the only thing open is task manager.

Chrome seems to be the next biggest as TM shows 14 instances with just this site open.

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