cpu question?

  [DELETED] 21:28 29 Sep 2003

hi everyone, can the cpu socket holder be removed from the motherboard? just that one of the lugs on mine has snapped, just wondered, if it could be replaced!! many thanks Nicola

  [DELETED] 21:31 29 Sep 2003

can you elabourate a bit. do you mean the socket that the cpu sits in or the thing that goes on top of the cpu (heatsink & fan)

  [DELETED] 21:37 29 Sep 2003

the socket the cpu sits in

  [DELETED] 22:02 29 Sep 2003

NO, it cannot be replaced. so you have 2 choices, carry on as it is and hope nothing else happens to it or get a new motherboard (and cpu depending on how old ya system is).

what mobo do you have. if ya dont know download aida32 (middle one) click here from here and it will tell you what mobo you have and cpu.

post back when ya info and will try to be of more assistance.

  [DELETED] 22:32 29 Sep 2003

it was just a thought, one of a few boards i have, due to upgading. seems a waste, perfectly good board (gigabyte) all due to the fact a wee bit plastic has broke!!

many thanks for replying goonerbill!!

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