CPU problems

  nwguy301 09:15 02 Nov 2005

Hi there. I've just upgraded my CPU from an Athlon 1000 to a Sempron 2200+. My mo/bo is a K7S5A, and it says it supports CPU frequencies up to 233Mhz. In the BIOS I can only change it to 133Mhz. Is there another way to change it? Also, on booting the computer thinks that the CPU is an Athlon(Unknown); can I change this?
Any help, greatly appreciated.

  Freddog 09:18 02 Nov 2005

Lol maybe you did get an Athlon 2200+ (That would be better) Which mobo do you have?

  nwguy301 09:25 02 Nov 2005

I have a K7S5A v1.X

  nwguy301 09:26 02 Nov 2005

No, it is a Sempron - it says so on the chip. And my mobo is made by ECS.

  Freddog 09:27 02 Nov 2005

So did you jusst upgrade the CPU not the mobo?

  nwguy301 09:31 02 Nov 2005

Yes. I know the chip works cos I got it tested it on a friend's PC, but I dunno his specs, so I dunno what kind of mobo it needs.

  Freddog 09:33 02 Nov 2005

OK have you tried leaving the mobo battery out for 10 minuets or use the jumper and set it to reset boot up a few times then put it back and it should work

  Freddog 09:34 02 Nov 2005

AND can your CPU support 233

  nwguy301 09:37 02 Nov 2005

Thanks for that, I'll try it later & keep you posted.

  Freddog 09:38 02 Nov 2005

It's just that'll reset the Bios so it should be configerd (Dunno how to spell that) to nothing so you can start fresh

  Splork 09:44 02 Nov 2005

Athlons work at twice the speed of the memory, so if your mobo FSB is set at 133, the Athlon bus is operating at 266mhz. I believe Sempron chips require a motherboard and memory that operates at 333/166.

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