cpu problem - running at 100%

  pcless! 21:42 11 Mar 2010

Hi I'm hoping someone can help this pc useless woman! If I am on a web page with lots of moving graffics my mouse goes like the 'judder man'! - i've just had the ram updated & that hasn't solved it. I have AVG/ cc cleaner /malwarebytes & also ran winaso after reading 'butemans' recommendations for someone elses problem but it still is doing the same. When i check task manager it's the 'system idle process' that goes up to 98% seemingly as the page graffics are loading - it's particularly bad if i open a window within the same webpage. I use firefox & xp. Would really appreciate any help or advice -ta!

  birdface 21:50 11 Mar 2010

. When i check task manager it's the 'system idle process' that goes up to 98% seemingly as the page graffics are loading

Not to worry it is supposed to be at that if nothing is running.
It means that only about 2% of the CPU is actually being used.

  Technotiger 21:51 11 Mar 2010

It is perfectly normal for System Idle Process to be showing almost 100% - that is just what it should be, meaning your System is mainly Idle, not doing anything!

  birdface 21:59 11 Mar 2010

If it is a mouse problem maybe remove the mouse driver and let Microsoft renew it when you reboot.

  Technotiger 22:01 11 Mar 2010

If your mouse has a ball underneath, it probably just needs cleaning. Remove the ball and then scrape off the dirt/fluff that gathers on the little rollers inside the mouse, then replace the ball.

  pcless! 22:16 11 Mar 2010

thanks Guys, I told you I was a bit dense! I will certainly try the removal of the mouse driver & reinstall, however I don't think it's a dirty mouse! as this problem only happens on web pages with a lot of graffics or drop down boxes - like I was searching on auto trader with all the options or ebay etc. Will let you know how I get on, thanks

  birdface 22:38 11 Mar 2010

Have you got the latest version of Flash and Java programs installed.If so remove the old versions.

  pcless! 23:39 11 Mar 2010

Hi Buteman, I've deleted the old flash & java & installed the new version but unfortunately it's still doing it, it even happens on this site but not as bad as some, my son is saying I probably need a new processor but this laptop is only about 4 years old surely it must have a bit more life in it? I defrag etc regularly it's only this 'mouse gragging' problem? thanks

  Technotiger 08:15 12 Mar 2010

Have you tried a different mouse?

  birdface 08:24 12 Mar 2010

Try a different mouse that Technotiger says.
Or when your computer stops try it in another USB port if that is what you are using.
Not one of those that needs a battery is it.
And do you get the same problems when Using Firefox and I/E.
Do you have add-blocker plus downloaded in firefox if not maybe try it and then see if you get the same problems using Firefox.

  pcless! 14:09 12 Mar 2010

Thanks buteman & technotiger, I will try that this evening & let you know.

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