CPU Problem or Not?

  1248fixx 18:19 25 Oct 2008

I posted a problem a couple of weeks ago that at random, my PC was simply rebooting itself. It was suggested a new PSU may help, which it has to a limited degree, but the problem has now evolved into a reboot whenever the CPU is obviously working relatively hard ( ie after a minute or so of frantic fan activity ). Then it reboots all over again. So, after a new graphics card, and a new 500W PSU, the problem still persists.A virus scan never completes past 10% so haven't been able to see if a virus is the culprit either! Please H_E_L_P!!

many thanks


  woodchip 18:27 25 Oct 2008

Have you tried running Disc checker? also AV in safe mode as Windows loads less Drivers in safe

  baldydave 18:35 25 Oct 2008

Have you ran a memory test from here
click here
click here

  woodchip 18:37 25 Oct 2008

Very unlikely its the cpu, that would be the last on my list. Sounds more like a driver or overheating anything on those lines can do it

  skidzy 18:42 25 Oct 2008

Not sure if you will be able to run this ;

Download and install PCWizard 2008 click here
Open and look at the temperature readings and post these back here.

Have you removed the cpu ?
If so,did you reapply new thermal paste ?

  1248fixx 20:26 25 Oct 2008

Skidzy - temperature showing as 66 degrees. I've not been brave enough or knowledgable enough to venture down the route of removing the CPU yet!

  1248fixx 20:27 25 Oct 2008

Woodchip - Diskchecker always comes up with something like..' Cannot complete..' on phase 2 that is

  BinaryBenners 20:36 25 Oct 2008

I wouldn't rule out the CPU it depends on what make/model/steping it is though. Could you let me know?

If your not sure use [url=click here]CPU ID[/url] to find out.

  skidzy 21:05 25 Oct 2008

cpu at 66%,check your heatsink and fan is not blocked with dust.

  skidzy 21:06 25 Oct 2008

sorry did you mean 66c ?

  1248fixx 21:11 25 Oct 2008

skidzy - yes, 66c

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