CPU Overheating? (or not)

  rithym 16:52 10 Jul 2007

I have an Advent T9 with Intel P4 3.6Ghz HT I have noticed since moving to Portugal the CPU fan is permanently 'flat out' I have blown the machine out with an airline (no better) and removed the heatsink and fan, cleaned thoroughly, applied new paste and re-assembled (no better) I have installed a cpu temperature monitor it reports anything between 90 & 120 degrees C (yes Centigrade!) I bought the PC brand new 3 years ago it has not been overclocked any help on this issue much appreciated I am worried the CPU is being damaged with the heat

  crosstrainer 17:00 10 Jul 2007

That is very very hot, I know this is a long shot, but since Poetugal is much hotter than Britain (The North POle is hotter than Britain at the moment :) ) Where is the pc located, is it possible to put it somewhere in a flow of air?

If not, perhaps a better ventilated case and cooling system might be required....You will kill that CPU if those readings are accurate (I suspect they may not be 'cause the chip would have died by now if they were)

  Pamy 17:06 10 Jul 2007

It does seam rather hot so can understand your concern. Are you haveing any problems though?

Can you ask others in Portugal what temp. their CPU are at? Sugest you invest in a fan directed at computer to help. May be an e-mail to Advent about temp. or visit to local computer shop.

  keef66 17:11 10 Jul 2007

I don't think a P4 should get that hot, and I'd expect it to shut down if it really got to 120c. Apart from the worrying temperature readings and the racket from the fan, does the pc perform normally? Does it ever shut down as if overheating?

By cpu temp monitor do you mean hardware or software, and which one? Have you tried more than one? (I've used an MSI one which came with the mobo, Speedfan and MBM5)

Can you check cpu temperature in bios? You'll have to shut it down after running it for a whilegetting it up to temp, hitting the del key as it restarts.

Do you have case fans, and if so, how many?

  rithym 17:46 10 Jul 2007

Just to elaborate on the original thread and answer some of the questions:

>Where is the pc located, is it possible to put it somewhere in a flow of air?
I have the side casing off and a desk fan blowing ambient (30-40C in daytime)air into the casing

>Does it ever shut down as if overheating?
No it has never shut down but MBM5 keeps warning me critical temp for cpu and both 250GB HD's and the fan is mostly flat out except on first boot after machine switched off for a while and late at night.

>Can you check cpu temperature in bios?
I have been into bios but can't find temperatures at all it is phoenix awardbios.

>Do you have case fans, and if so, how many?
No case fans just the cpu one (with heatsink) and fan on PSU

I suspect there is a problem with a sensor because MBM5 reports the CPU temperature as I am typing this as 116 deg C according to the Intel website the CPU should be fried by now they quote 76 deg C for hyper thread P4 3.6

  citadel 17:56 10 Jul 2007

you sould have a fan in the front of the case to draw air in and a fan at the rear of the case to expel air. having the case side off increases heat. you could also get a better cpu cooler as these can lower temperature a few degrees more than the stock intel one.

  Pamy 17:59 10 Jul 2007

download this free software and see what it tells you click here

  Pamy 18:01 10 Jul 2007

Yes I know its for HDD's but it may give you an idea of temps.

  paul€ 18:15 10 Jul 2007

Check the temp with everest home for free click here. look under computer - sensor.

Download cpu-z and see if the cpu is H/T on tick over. click here It could be that your cpu is working flat out and not throttling down.

It's better to have the case closed and a fan pulling air into the front and a fan expelling air at the rear. As pointed out by citadel

  Probabilitydrive 19:50 10 Jul 2007

Hmm, in your BIOS you should find this feature click here
which gives you the accurate BIOS reading of your CPU temperature.

Go into BIOS again to identify what the reading is. I found out that there maybe a discrepancy between the reading of CPU-Z and the temperature reading in the BIOS.

  rithym 00:42 11 Jul 2007

ok... thanks to all for the help

I have put the side casing back on the PC the cpu is now down to approx 60 C (report by Everest home) ironically the hard drives are now hotter than ever both around 60 C (they were around 35-45 C)
The design of the case is that there is a mesh circle approx 100mm dia. on the side casing dead opposite the CPU which has a heatsink, fan & funnel attached this means the air is drawn from outside the case through the mesh (side casing) down the funnel and through the heatsink/ CPU there is also a long slotted mesh area along the top of the case which obviously lets the (hot) air out. Putting the side casing back on has drastically reduced the CPU temp but increased the two hard drives temp (from approx 40 to 60 C)
it is now after midnight so will see how the temperatures are tomorrow in the heat of the day.
Also went back into Bios there is no PC Health or similar showing temperatures , voltages, etc.

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