CPU overheating

  Johnboy 06:54 14 Feb 2004

I have been running an ASUS mother board on my computer for some time with no problenms. I often play Links 2001 with no issues (other than bad play by me).

Today a beeping noise came from the computer while I was playing and the motherboard book says that it is because the CPU is overheating.

When I check CPU usage on Norton System Info it says that the CPU has been nearly at max. But in the past no problem

Why??? has this suddenly arisen????and how can I fix it.

I Use XP Home, 512 RAM and have restored to a time before the problemn arose but with no change in the dsituation.

First step is to see if your cpu fan has failed. It may be possible to see this in your BIOS, which often gives the revs per minute of the fan.If not you will have to take the sides off the computer and do a visual check of all fans.

  howard60 07:28 14 Feb 2004

open the case and make sure nothing is blocking the air flow also check that the fan on the cpu is working - they can fail and are easy to replace. If it appears to work leave it for a while as they can stop after a few minutes.

  georgemac 07:51 14 Feb 2004

Last night I had my sons PC open, and the heatsink had accumulated quite a bit of dust/fluff underneath the fan.

I would think your CPU fan must still be operating or your cpu would be fried. It is quite easy to remove the fan from the heatsink (just undo the 4 screws with the puter off) and hoover out any dust/fluff then refit the fan.

You should also check any other fans inside the case to see they are OK, and also the fan on the graphics card if there is one.

Try running the PC with the cas sides off and see if this makes a difference.

click here and download and install asus probe software - with this you can monitor temps, voltages and fan speeds.

  Johnboy 08:49 14 Feb 2004

Checked the fan, seems clear and operating OK.

Downloaded the probe software, really cool, and since then no problem. Maybe just shifting the tower case to open it did something??? The old hit it with a hammer trick??

Will advise progress after the weekend.

Thanks for the suggestions

  Johnboy 00:02 15 Feb 2004

Don't know what I did but the problem is resolved

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