CPU or motherboard failure

  Skyver 23:33 09 Dec 2005

Are there any sure ways to differentiate between the two if you don't have a spare example of either to test the relevant components to hand....

  phono 00:00 10 Dec 2005

In the absence of substitutes, or expensive diagnostic equipment, the answer is no.

Do you get any POST messages or is it totally dead?

  GaT7 00:16 10 Dec 2005

there may be another way, but don't discount the beeps (or the lack of them) just yet.

Recently, I helped my brother diagnose a 'display' problem with his PC. We thought it may be the CPU/mobo/gfx card.

I found this troubleshooter click here (his mobo's manufacturer btw) which narrowed it down to the CPU, & it was spot on.

My bro (being my bro), decided that couldn't be the CPU & initially purchased a new mobo instead - he had the same problem. Next, a new CPU was ordered & fitted - it worked straightaway.

I'm not sure if it'll work for other setups, but apart from the specific jumper settings, everything else seems 'generic' to me. G

  Skyver 10:03 10 Dec 2005

Phono; the board was dead, no POST beeps, drives powering up/cd tray working but no actual activity - No Signal displayed on the monitor.

crossbow7; Thanks for that, good logical check list.

The problem is solved now, I took the CPU out of my own PC, stuck it in the PC I was working on and it fired up straight away; I'd ruled out PSU, memory and video by that time, but those last two items...you can never be sure...
Thanks for responses.

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