CPU or Graphics Card ?

  markp888 13:01 04 Jun 2003

Hope you can help.

I've currently got an XP1800 Athlon based system with 768mb RAM (PC2100), Jetway V266B motherboard and an nVidia MX440 64mb AGP graphics card.

For around £70 - £100, which upgrade would yield the most noticeable improvement for gaming, the CPU or graphics card? (Or is it not worth it!?)

I can get an XP2400 (266 bus) chip from Komplett for around £70 which I think would slot straight into my existing board, and have seen several Radeon / nVidia graphics cards for the same sort of money.

If the graphics card route is best, I notice that some say AGP 8x or AGP 4x. Not sure what my motherboard supports, or whether an 8x card will work in a 4x slot..

Any advice appreciated!



  SolvaCollective 13:14 04 Jun 2003

It vary's so much on what games your going to play and what spec they are in relation to your System. But if you do want to upgrade your card. Its best to get one that is the same spec as your slot. As duron cpu are very very picky on what you add onto the original system. Sorry I couldnt of been of more help.

  Mr Clark 14:05 04 Jun 2003


A Graphics card that supports 8x AGP will work in a slot that only supports 4x it just wont work to its full potential, although what the real difference in speed/performance it makes i dont know.

I upgraded my Grahics card a couple of months ago to an NVidia 4200 TI card which was 8x AGP and it works fine in my 4x slot. I still only have a P111 933 so I still need to change my processor. Looking at yours however it looks like your processer will still be good for a good few months yet so it looks like your graphics card it your best bet for an upgrade.

Hope this helps.

  Sion 16:28 04 Jun 2003

For £70-100 the I would advise that you get a Geforce 4Ti4200. These are light years faster than the MX range of cards. If you can stretch to an extra £30, then i'd say a Radeon 9500pro.

Apart from that, get the new graphics card. i have one myself, and they rock my gaming world!

Or, wait a few months until after summer and get a card then. They will no doubt lower in price by then, and you may be able to pick up a better spec card for less. Besides, who stays in and plays games in the summer! *slowly hides copy of Jedi Knight II*

  markp888 18:23 04 Jun 2003

Thanks for the comments. Think I'll look into the graphics card route...

Any ideas where I might get a good price on a Radeon 9500 Pro (or Geforce 4 Ti for that matter)?

Thanks again.

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