CPU not working to it's potential

  Drahcir777 00:27 12 Sep 2006

Well for the last 3 weeks or so, my computer just doesn't seem to be putting it's best effort into things. FPS are low, windows runs slower etc. Usually when I run a 3D game or other big program, my processor generates a lot of heat and the fans runs at max speed. Now though, my fans never speed up and the processor/graphics card are running quite cool. The fans just stay at minimum speed and the processor/gpu never work hard enough to work up a sweat. So it's almost like the CPU and GPU aren't going to their potential.

Well, I think it might be something more than just things slowing down my computer. I think it might be more serious. I think the processor is not performing up to it's former standard. I give the computer tasks (such as 3D modelling programs) and things slow down, obviously, but what makes me more concerned is that the processor doesn't work harder to compensate. This is evident due to the fans not speeding up and the temperature not increaing.


I have a laptop with the following specs (a little over 1 year old):

CPU-AMD athlon 64bit +3700
GPU-Nvidia Geforce 440 Go 64Mb
OS-Windows Xp home
60 GB hard Drive (about half af that is full)

  STREETWORK 07:13 12 Sep 2006

Run 'system clean up' followed by 'defrag'...

Check what is loaded at start up...

Open task manager and see if there is anything hogging the memory...

  User-312386 08:04 12 Sep 2006
  woodchip 08:51 12 Sep 2006

CPU's do not have day's off

  James. 10:59 12 Sep 2006

Do you have the AMD cool n quite drivers installed click here and if so have you set the power options to "Minimal" in order for them to work properly. Also some utilities on the link to monitor cpu usage that may help.

  Drahcir777 14:00 12 Sep 2006

AH! come to think of it, I think I did download the AMD cool and quiet drivers. I downloaded them because my HP help/support recommended that driver as an update.

So you're thinking the cool n quiet driver is causing the problem right? So how do I go about uninstalling it without screwing things up? Just in control panel? or will I need to somehow reinstall my old driver?

Thanks everyone!

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