CPU not as advertised?

  oak chip 21:39 08 Jul 2004

A friend recently bought a computer at a local shop. The machine he specified was advertised as having an Athlon CPU 2400 with 256 Kb of RAM. On checking the machine under "System Properties" it displays an Athlon 1800 with 196 (??) Kb of Ram. Not being a computer expert, he asked the shop why this was. The answer mentioned something about having a RISC set of instructions which installs the graphics on the RAM - hence the reduced RAM. No explanation of the slower Ahlon chip. My question is this - has he been sold a pup, and are the people in the shop trying to blind him with science & jargon??

  sicknote 22:11 08 Jul 2004

It could that the PC is not setup correctly,if you download this click here and print it off,this will give info about the PC which you can give us like make/model of motherboard,O/S,etc which would helpful to others in answering your problem.

  stalion 22:13 08 Jul 2004

try this site for info click here

  Gaz 25 22:16 08 Jul 2004

It would appear the PC company hasnt set the BIOS (multiplier and clock) or jumpers. Hmm, poor may I add.

Anyway, yes its probably correct that it is only 196Mb it will be not Kb.

Because the Graphics has been allocated some.

  Gaz 25 22:16 08 Jul 2004

It will be onboard Graphics.

64Megs of it - from your 256 ram = 192Mb

  accord 22:18 08 Jul 2004

The Athlon 2400 runs at 1800mhz, my 2000 runs at 1670mhz,

AMD use the higher numbers as it is an equivelent speed to the P4 2.4. So therefore an XP2400 is equivalent to a P4 2.4 but actuallt runs at 1.8.

  sicknote 22:21 08 Jul 2004

The link doesn't help we know it's an athlon, but we need to know motherboard as this is where the settings are that Gaz 25 mentioned.

  Gaz 25 22:23 08 Jul 2004

Yes 2400+ does run at 1.8GHz BUT...

It shows up as a 1800+ processor not GHz.

  accord 22:26 08 Jul 2004

go to devise manager and click on processors, here it will show what Athlon is installed.

I still believe from what you have said above, that it is correct.

Report back your findings please

  Djohn 22:26 08 Jul 2004

As above, the memory is correct because the onboard card is using some [64] for itself. Regarding the CPU, that should be shown as an AMD Athlon 2400 XP+ even though the correct speed is 1800 mhz.

  stalion 22:29 08 Jul 2004

C:\Program Files\Belarc\Advisor\System\tmp\(Your-j6paski9wb).html
this will tell you what motherboard you have

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