CPU mix-up

  COUCHER 23:34 29 Mar 2004

Yesterday I bought a new CPU from a local computer fair. It was an in A Box AMD Athlon 2400+. The box was sealed and in undamaged conditionand the contents were all there and in good order. Trouble was when I got it home and installed it the CPU turned out to be 1800+ and running at 1500mhz rather than the expected 2ghz.
I actually wanted a 2600-2800+ as I'm already running at 1200mhz. My thing is do I persue the supplier or AMD as it was in a sealed box with warranty and would they know from the serial number they ask for on the CPU if it should be a 1800 or 2400+.
Just wondering as I'm sick of being ripped off

  woodchip 23:37 29 Mar 2004

what does it say on the cpu under the fan

  Giggle n' Bits 23:37 29 Mar 2004

motherboard as it seems more likely to be the BIOS not recognising the CPU correct.

If you look on the Core of the CPU, it will state XP2400 did you do this ?

  norman47 23:53 29 Mar 2004

Do as
woodchip advises. Look at the code numbers.

If you look at the chart you will see that the thoroughbred and thorton cpu's run at 15X.click here What you may have is the fsb running at 100Mhz.

Check in your bios and increase if necessary to 133Mhz. This will give you a clock speed of 2.0Ghz.

  COUCHER 01:11 30 Mar 2004

The sealed box says its 2400+ but on start-up it says its 1800+ on the CPU it gives serial No. 500101557571U. When I've changed the CPU on this board before it auto reads the chip and updated for it. I've 1 giga of mem running at 133.. I'll have a look in bios and see whats there. I've also seen on the AMD site someone there as the same prob..
Back tomorrow

  COUCHER 01:35 30 Mar 2004

Thanks to all of you especially norman47 so simple yet so worrying. I reset the FSB from 100 to 133mhz in bios and now itshows 2400+ running at 2ghz. Now a happy chappy will past it on to the one who had the same prob on the other forum...
Again thanks to all of you

  norman47 14:34 30 Mar 2004

Pleased you have it sorted.

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