CPU and memory upgrade

  PaulCrane 12:13 21 Oct 2004

I'm plotting in my mind a series of upgrades over the next few months.

Currently, I have an XP1900+ CPU on an MSI KT7 motherboard, with 512MB RAM. I want to upgrade that to a socket 754 Athlon 64 (prob. 3200+), with 1GB RAM.

Circumstances (not least the wife's disapproval) mean that I would prefer not to have to fork out for all of this at once. Obviously the CPU and MB have to come together. But what about the RAM? Can I use my old 512MB (PC2100 I think) on my new set up until I'm able to buy a full GB of some shiny faster RAM? I appreciate that it would not be as fast but would it work? Presumably if it does work I would still gain some benefit until I upgrade the RAM (in another couple of months).


  Michendi 12:24 21 Oct 2004

Paul, I am not a motherboard specialist but I would be extremely surprised if what you plan to do would be practical and cost effective. My suggestion would be to hold on until Microsoft release the 64-bit OS and then buy a properly integrated system. You can then turn your existing system into a server and do all sorts of useful things on your home network. I have an Athlon 64 3200+ and its a nice toy, but until the 64-bit OS is released and supported software comes along its potential is limited.

  PaulCrane 12:41 21 Oct 2004

Thanks for that but it doesn't really work for me. I've added so much to my original system on a piecemeal basis, I'm certainly not in the market to buy a whole new machine.

I just find the CPU is starting to struggle a bit and think it could do with replacing soon. Even if the 64 bit system is a while away yet, the speed benefits are still there. There's always somethig better round the corner but one has to take the plunge sometime.


  Micro-Man 13:06 21 Oct 2004

"I'm plotting in my mind a series of upgrades......"

"Circumstances (not least the wife's disapproval)....."

Tell me about it! Been there and got the tee shirt!

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