CPU+ Incd

  DWANE PYPE 22:24 26 Apr 2005

Installed Task manager (running ME) last week, and it said that my CPU was running at 100%. So did a search for CPU’s, which came up with ten pages, so started to read the threads with 100% CPU usage and there was quite a few of them, (I only read eight pages). Some-one even quoted the great Guru Flecce used to have one that did, but it did not worry him, tried various suggestions from all the threads, but in the end it was still working at full blast, so as it wasn’t over heating I decided not worry to much about it.
Tonight I was using some RW’s, then put a CDR in to copy some photos, and up came “Incd finds more than one recorder” then I suddenly remembered that some one said that after they had deleted Incd, their CPU dropped back to normal, so as I don’t use RW’s much now, I thought I’ll deleted it, so rebooted and ran task mngr, and low and behold it had dropped back to normal so what is the significance of this, will the OS run smoother, will the CPU last a bit longer, and how many other people using Incd have theirs running at 100%.
So any reasons, why Incd does this.



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