CPU Idles At 73 degrees centigrade

  TJ Macintosh 20:13 11 Aug 2003

PLEASE NOTE, I am sure this is CENTIGRADE and not Farenheit. People I need some advice, I am running a AMD DURON 1.3GHz on an MSI KT3V Ultra Motherboard. I find that my CPU idles at 73 degrees, and my system temp is 43degrees!!!! My heat sink and fan is COOLERMASTER CB5-5G12, this was not a stock version, I bought the processor as OEM. Why is the temperature so so so HIGH, and how can I reduce it. At the moment I have this weird PINK sticky thing, between the heatsink and processor, but it looks slightly worn out. Can you tell me how THERMAL COMPOUND PASTE works, and am I supposed to use this between the heatsink and processor? - ALSO please tell me if I should clean of this PINK sticky stuff first before I add the THERMAL COMPOUND PASTE. Pls note, I have also dusted the heatsink and main Case fan and CPU Fans. I am running WINDOWS XP.

Thanks a lot for the help people :-)(-:

  TJ Macintosh 20:16 11 Aug 2003

Me again - PLS note this processor has not been overclocked, so I am stuck! Also if there are any other methods to redUCE CPU heat, pls tell me. And also is this HIGH CPU TEMP. a sign of a CPU that is just too old nowadays?.

  Ironman556 20:27 11 Aug 2003

A bad thermal connection between heatsink/cpu may be the problem.

You need to clean the sticky pad off, but I'm not sure what to use on it.

The thermal compound should be spread on very thinly on the back of the heat sink and on the top of the CPU, where the heat sink touches it. I used a small piece of flexible plastic from the CPU packaging.

Have you checked all the fans are working?

  akzah 20:31 11 Aug 2003

Don't panic, with this tempearure we are having you are bound to get temperature readings near the 70s C with athlon, if its a stabel then don't worry.

  TJ Macintosh 20:34 11 Aug 2003

Ye IRONMAN, I have cheked the fans, u see I can see them through a modded window, any other suggestion u may have Ironman?

thanks AKZAH, but does ur DURON IDLE at that temp?
I'd hate to think what would happen if I played a few games for a few hours!

Ironman U may be right, Im not too sure, any other suggestions from anyone?

  Djohn 20:35 11 Aug 2003

click here For cleaning fluid, But nail varnish remover will do the job quite well if you can't get hold of the above.

  TJ Macintosh 20:37 11 Aug 2003

DJOHN, do I use the cleaning fluid to remove the PINK stuff?

  BillEmm 20:38 11 Aug 2003

You are right TJ.

Get hold of some Arctic Silver then remove all that gunge from the processor and the heatsink. Be careful with the processor - once the worst is off remove any remaining film etc with a cotton bud lightly moistened in nail varnish remover or equivalent.

Thinly apply the Arctic Silver to the processor only - make sure the layer is smooth and there is just enough to ensure full contact with the heatsink without there being any air pockets between them.

It may be worth considering a better heatsink/fan combo - they can be had quite cheaply on eBay or the like.

As a rough guide: the case inner temperature should not be more than 7C higher than the external ambient temperature and the CPU temperature should be between 10C (V Good) to 15C (Poor but acceptable) above this.


  TJ Macintosh 20:39 11 Aug 2003

PLS note also that my PC is very stable, but evn still I would like to get the CPU temp somewhere into the fifties.

  shortcircuit 20:39 11 Aug 2003

Hi TJ.

Yep. That is a little too hot. Mind you, in the recent weather we have had, I would not worry if my cpu got to 50-55c.I think your problem is the case temp as well as the CPU. Your case temp should be about 35-40c, so you need to cool things down a little. Make sure you have adequate ventilation around the case. Don't use a posh case house with a door or enclosed rear or at least open it up. Second thing is to fit a case fan to exhaust the hot air. They should fit in most cases, are simple to fit and cost no more than a tenner. You can even get them from PCW and not get stung too much!
The third thing I would do is to remove the 'bubble gum' from the base of the heat sink and use a good quality thermal compound.(also available from PCW. WOW! thats not like me to 'Ramp up' PCW..Twice!! Follow the instructions on the packet. Don't use too much. Do all the above and I'm sure you will cool things down. Try the fan first. You might find this cools down the case without doing any more.

Remember. You might notice a drop in temp when the climate cools down next week, so you might want to wait and see!

  Djohn 20:40 11 Aug 2003

Yes, also you can use a piece of plastic, [old credit card, or similar]. Your temps. sound very high though for a Duron, where are you getting the reading from?

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