cpu help required

  blueboy2uk 14:00 10 Nov 2004

at work the computer i use is very slow when i work on large pictures i want to speed it up i have just increased the memory, the motherboard is a ECS K7S 5A 0.1 the cpu is 462pin 1.15gig,125 kilobite what cup can i put in the same motherboard to achieve the speed increase and what is the max size of cpu i can install and do you think a seporate graphics card is worthwile?

many thanks for any advise you can let me have.

  Gongoozler 14:15 10 Nov 2004

You'll not get a fast processor to run on a 266MHz bus, so I don't think that route will deliver a fantastic speed increase. You don't say how much additional memory you have installed. In my experience Windows XP needs a minimum of 256M. Are you sure you have integrated graphics, I've just looked here click here, and can see no mention of it. If you do have integrated graphics, that probably uses about 56M of your RAM.

  bab5 14:17 10 Nov 2004


that M/B will only support 200 or 266 FSB Athlon chips, so that will limit you to the following

Athlon XP (Throughbred up to XP2600+) & AMD Duron (including Morgan)

As for the Graphics card, well there should be one in there already (AGP 4X only)


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