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  blueboy2uk 22:50 17 Nov 2004

i am trying to install a new cpu a P4 2.80,533mhz
1mb l2 cache prescott into my asrock M266A 3.0x motherboard no joy so far can someone look on the asrock.com site and confirm as i think i need to update my bios to V2.40 as i have V1.90 at the moment i know i need to start up into the bios and enable hyperthreading and that it will not be possable to do this untill the new cpu is installed, but why is it when i restart the computer i does not go to the bios a am holding down the f2 button from the time the screen goes blank when rebootin am i doing anything wrong? the cpu i am removing is a celeron 2.80 please if poss can you give me non tech answers, do i install the new bios from the asrock site before taking out the old cpu and if i cant get to the bios in the normal way what else can i do?.

thanks blueboy

  GrahamP 23:29 17 Nov 2004

At the bottom is the change list for your BIOS up to the latest versions taken from the asrock site.

I'm not sure if the stuff in 2.10 means you have to update the BIOS before you upgrade your CPU. I would have expected the machine to boot but perhaps with some lower performance settings.


1) to get into the BIOS, rather than hold F2 down, tap it two or three times a second while you are booting.

2) get everything you need from the web before you upgrade and while your system is working

3) for a first boot with a new cpu I would boot from a W98 dos floppy

4) when you repost tell us exactly what stage you are at and exactly what is happening.

Here's the asrock stuff


1. CPU Microcode updated.


1. CPU Microcode updated.


1. CPU Microcode updated.
2. "HDS Delay" option will present with "Disabled"(Default) and "Enabled" options if Prescott CPU is
installed on M266A R3.04.


1. System should work correclty if Northwood 2.4 GHz CPU is installed first then changed to Prescott 2.4 GHz
FSB 533 MHz CPU.
2. Fan speed with 1000 RPM below should be detected in the hardware monitor.
3. System can boot with USB Floppy drive if "Try Other Boot Devices" is set to "Yes".


1. BIOS can detect USB boot device afrter hardware reset in the OS.
2. System is stable when install 2 DIMM of Infineon DDR 266 512 MB SDRAM with P4 FSB 533 MHz CPU.


1. Two A-Data DDR 266 512MB SDRAM with Intel FSB 400 MHz CPU would work correctly.


1. System should resume from standby correctly.
2. Vcore value should show correctly.
3. NBA Live2003 can be played smoothly if Intel P4 3.06 GHz CPU is installed with Hyper-Threading enabled.
4. 2 DIMM of DDR 333 512 MB SDRAM should work stable.
5. Updated CPU microcode.
6. COM port mouse should function correctly if USB Legacy Support is enabled.
7. Supoort M266A R 3.0 hardwarea reversion.

  blueboy2uk 08:01 18 Nov 2004

i am running XP proffesional so will the windows98 dos floppy work? shall i get a friend who works in the computer industry to do it for me it seems it will be worth score to get someone to do it, i find messing with the bios a bit scarey .

  GrahamP 12:54 18 Nov 2004

Yes, almost any PC will boot with a W98 startup floppy. You just won't be able to see any NTFS partitions. The point of doing it is to establish that the upgraded cpu is properly installed and working without the complications of your windows system. Also some CPU upgrades require a windows re-install and the floppy will give you a breathing space.

You would first need to enter setup and ensure the floppy is set as the first boot device. This needn't be scary.

Upgrading the BIOS is scary even after you've done it a few times. A power cut midway could leave you with an unusable computer. Only do it if you really need to.

If you have a knowlegeable techie friend by all means use him/her. If you want to do it yourself post back (new topic) with a specific request, details of what you've done so far and where you are at. A bit of paragraphing will help make your posts more readable too.

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