cpu heat

  podlod 09:47 23 May 2010

Hi, my prob is that my CPU is running very high, can you tell me the best settings to place my ATI Radeon Graphics on to maybe reduce the temp, or is there another way ? thanks for any help, and please tell me in laymans terms, just in case.

  Graphicool1 15:16 23 May 2010

How many fans do you have in your PC case?

  Ibanez2010 15:45 23 May 2010

Why would settings on your graphics card affect your cpu temperature?
You could clean the heatsink and fan on your cpu or replace the heatsink with a better one.

  Ibanez2010 15:49 23 May 2010

What kind of cpu is it and what is the temperature?

  Graphicool1 17:09 23 May 2010

I lost 2 HDD's to heat, I learnt the hard way, you can never have enough fans. I have 5.
1 at the front, sucking air in.
1 at the back, blowing air out.
1 on the CPU.
1 on each of the internal HDD's
The one at the back and the one on the CPU have heat sensors. Enabling the fans to speed up and/or slow down as necessary.

  citadel 17:59 23 May 2010

assume you mean gpu. graphic card gpu's can go to higher temps than cpu, if it ever gets too hot it will auto slow down.

  retep888 22:27 23 May 2010
  podlod 07:32 26 May 2010

Hi, thank you for your interest in my prob.
I have 4no fans, one on CPU, one on Graphics card, one on power supply, and last but not least one on pc itself extracting the internal heat to outside. Here are my pc specs as follows;

Model : AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+
Speed : 2.10GHz
Cores per Processor : 2 Unit(s)
Threads per Core : 1 Unit(s)
Type : Dual-Core
System : System manufacturer System Product Name
Mainboard : ASUSTeK Computer INC. A8N-SLI Premium
Bus(es) : PCI PCIe IMB USB FireWire/1394 i2c/SMBus
Multi-Processor (MP) Support : No
Multi-Processor Advanced PIC (APIC) : Yes
System BIOS : Phoenix Technologies, LTD ASUS A8N-SLI Premium ACPI BIOS Revision 1008
Total Memory : 3GB DDR

Model : AMD Athlon 64 / Opteron HyperTransport Technology Configuration
Front Side Bus Speed : 2x 1.05GHz (2.10GHz)
Total Memory : 3GB DDR
Memory Bus Speed : 2x 175MHz (350MHz)
Video System
Adapter : ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series (2GB, PCIe 2.00 x16, PS3.0, VS3.0)

Windows XP Home Edtion

  citadel 13:46 26 May 2010

best to have a fan at the front of the case drawing cold air in, then you have a stream of air crossing over all the stuff inside. or move everything into a better case, bit of a hassle but easy to do.

  podlod 14:12 26 May 2010

Hi, so you dont think its the heat sink?

  onthelimit 15:07 26 May 2010

Try blowing the dust out of the heatsink with compressed air. Hold the fan stationary with a biro or similar to stop it spinning. Might help.

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