CPU has started increasing in temperature

  TimeMuffin 23:44 26 Dec 2015

So I recently got a new GPU, a GTX 960 Nvidia card to be specific, to replace my old 550Ti (another Nvidia card). My computer could run everything I wanted to play just maybe not at the quality I wanted.

I installed the new card into my PC and I notice after I open chrome to look up the drivers, after about 2 mins my computer shuts itself off. I realize after some testing that after opening chrome the CPU's temps slowly escalate and at about 80 Celsius the computer shuts itself off to prevent damage. Other applications I've tested seem to have the same effect; like Dolphin, and particularly when I'm trying to install the new drivers - I managed to install the drivers somehow, but that didn't seem to fix the problem. Another thing to note is that I can use Internet Explorer without the temp slowly increasing, it's just stable.

After some thought I decide that the new card must have increased the required voltage to keep my rig running, I thought 750w PSU would be enough but apparently not, so I switch back to my old card until I figured things out. But for some reason, I'm now having the same problems with this card.

I've tried my best to include as much detail as possible, and I'll try and help more if you need it. I'll leave my specs below and anything I think may be relevant, appreciate any help!

Here is my DxDiag - click here have liquid cooling and I think the brand is Antec, I didn't install so sorry I couldn't be of much more help there. I also have 4 fans in different areas of my computer. The computer feels cool even though my CPU temp measuring programs suggest that it's quite hot.


  [DELETED] 00:34 27 Dec 2015

Seems to be a browser problem. Uninstall Dolphin and Chrome. Run Ccleaner and its reg cleaner and reboot. Check IE ok still. If ok shutdown and change GPU again. Boot up and run Windows update to see if driver needed and update if required. Reboot and try Firefox first. Try Chrome again and see if any difference.

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