CPU fixing bracket failure

  Furkin 08:56 21 May 2012

M4A78LT-M LE + Phenom II x2 560 BE (A3 socket) Well, after spending time & money (Jan 2011) rebuilding my desktop machine, I am very disappointed that the CPU connector plate failed yesterday.

I was having physiotherapy and heard a clunk from my desk. I couldn’t see anything fallen over, so carried on with the physio’. I was about to take the panel off the machine, when it shut its-self down.

When I did open it, I was dismayed to see that the heat-sink & cooling fan had dropped off & was resting across a couple of expansion cards. On closer inspection, I see that one of the fixing lugs on the adapter/fixing plate had snapped off. I’ve never seen this before, even on cheaper stuff, so feared the worse.

I've dropped DABs a line to see about returning it, but now it looks like they want me to send it to Asus. Doesn’t that go against UK Law ?

I have now seen that you can buy these adapter plates – so I guess it’s a more common occurrence than I thought. As I am disabled, I do rely on my machine, possibly more than most, and of course I can’t run it at all at the moment.

1/ For the sake of speed: does anyone know where I can get such a plate (A3 socket – bearing the word: AMCO) ? I’ve looked on an auction site, but the only A3 I come up with is from Hong Kong –(400294708174)- and that isn’t quite like mine. Mine is more ‘open plan’ – just the outer frame. Have also Googled it, but can't seem to get anywhere.

2/ I am concerned about any damage caused by this thing falling apart. If I do have to return it – should I insist that DABs take it back, and not Asus ?


PS: I don't see any formatting tools or preview on this version of PCA. Have I logged onto an older version by mistake ? I arrived here via Google, on a friends machine.

  johndrew 10:19 21 May 2012

I can only suggest asking your local PC repair shop or sending suppliers such as Overclock who sell parts an e-mail.

  KRONOS the First 10:40 21 May 2012

Can you post some images of the part you are looking for(use Photobucket and post a link).

It would be useful is you could post make and model of heatsink/cooler as a builder myself I have a wealth of parts, my good lady calls it junk, so may be able to help

  Furkin 11:11 21 May 2012

JOHN: Thanks - i'll see what transpires over the next couple of hours.

CHRONUS: Cheers - The make & model of the M.B & CPU are in my OP. The fan & sink came with the CPU. The fan is: FHSA7015B-1088 OXO8T11R.

I have a couple of images of the bracket. I'll take one of the cooler bits & add them soon.

Thanks for your help.

  KRONOS the First 11:38 21 May 2012

You do not mention the cooler in your OP and it is socket AM3 not A3, I assume that you are talking about the stock cooler that came with the CPU, and not an after-market cooler? By that I mean you have not bought a separate cooler.

Is your heatsink similar to this? Heatsink, If so then this will do, I know you say yours is more open plan what you are seeing is the top bit of the retention bracket attached to the backplate.You would obviously take these two pieces apart. One goes underneath the motherboard and the open plan bet on top of the motherboard. Fleabay.

  Furkin 14:02 21 May 2012

Thanks again. It might have helped if I had the part name right !? It is an AM3 product – but you guys probably knew that – and yes, it came with the CPU.

Hopefully, the only part that is broken is the retaining bracket – as long as nothing happened before it shut its-self down.
I didn’t know the bracket came in 2 pieces. Hopefully the part below the M.B can stay there,,,,, but being me, I don’t s’pose it will.

I’ve seen a similar thing on Amazon: (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Heatsink-Holder-Mount-Plastic-Bracket/dp/B007PODUJ2/ref=pdrhfgwpimg_1).

More details about the fan: DC Brushless Model: AFB07 12vHB 0.55a -8L43 Delta Electronics. Here are some images - hopefully

  Furkin 14:06 21 May 2012
  KRONOS the First 14:16 21 May 2012

All your images do not work. It is the direct link you copy,which is the first box.

The reason it shut down is to stop your CPU frying,it is a safety feature.

  KRONOS the First 14:20 21 May 2012

Sorry don't know what happened there, to post an image just left click once,that will copy the link, the box marked Direct Link then paste it here. For example:


  Furkin 14:21 21 May 2012
  KRONOS the First 15:13 21 May 2012

Its good to see the old stuff still kicking around. I have,not so long ago,tossed a few of that type of heatsink and a couple of mobo's with your type of retention bracket. No matter there is one here you can bid on ends this time tomorrow and it is in this country.Ebay All the rest are from the UAS or Hong Kong Ebay 2. You could,as has been suggested,try your local PC repair shop. Give me a bit of time and I will ask around my geeky friends.

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