CPU fan ...what direction ?

  chriscross72 17:07 08 Jul 2004

I have just installed a 'thermaltake' smart and silent volcano 9 fan onto my processor
what direction shoult the fan be spinning.clockwise or anticlockwise ?
when I hold a piece of tissue over it the tissue is sucked onto the fan....I thought processor fans blew not sucked.....any thoughts ??

Thank you : ))

  CurlyWhirly 17:09 08 Jul 2004


As far as I know ALL CPU fans suck in cool air to cool the heatsink as if the air was blown away this would not do much as regards cooling!

  Djohn 17:46 08 Jul 2004

Just a different way of looking at things. CurlyWhirly is correct in what he says but I have replied to your other thread saying it blows into the sink. We are both saying the same thing in that the air is pushed into the sink rather than pulled out. ;o)

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