CPU FAN upgrade??

  everythingsuk 13:11 05 Jan 2003
  everythingsuk 13:11 05 Jan 2003

I have a MEDION athlon XP 1600+ with 80 Gig HDD 256mb ddr ram, 64mb geforce 3 ti 200 and all the other bits, cdr dvd etc. It has been faultless since purchasing from pcworld a year ago, and remains so, it runs windows xp SP1 and hasnt crashed more than twice in the year and two months ive owned it, being switched on nearly everydat for a few hours.
the CPU/tower fan or whatever its called, has always been loud, very loud. not just the fan that kicks in after its been on a while, but just the one when you switch the PC on and it is running in the background.
i was used to an IBM thinkpad 600E which is near silent, and it came as a shock to have this noise on all the time, it almost has a throbbing sensation that my head picks up after a while.
I was wondering, is there anyway to make it quieter?
it a new quiet fan easy to install? what prices and how easy to just click in?

I want to buy a 17" TFT monitor for it, as the laptop battery has died, and i will only be using the main pc as i have given up on the laptop with its pentium II 366. Now, if i am to spend the 400 quid on a new screen, i dont want to have to live with the air conditioner that is my pc fan!!!!

I dont mind a little noise, but its just really loud and has been since new, i put music on jus to stop the PHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRR
coming out of it, any help much appreciated


  AndySD 13:27 05 Jan 2003

Ut may not be the cpu fan... it may well be the PSU fan... click here and have a look.

  everythingsuk 13:30 05 Jan 2003

hello? lol
pwease help

  siarad 13:35 05 Jan 2003

The perils of AMD. This has been done to death try a search here you'll find plenty & it'll be quicker. Sorry can't help only use cool quiet Intel

  Spencus 13:38 05 Jan 2003

There are a number of silent cpu fans available
try here
click here

click here

click here

  AndySD 13:40 05 Jan 2003

Sorry The Power Suply Unit is often the culprit click here and its fitted with $ screws.

If your sure its the processor fan then click here^4348^6678,00.html for instructions for removal and replacment.

  Spencus 13:44 05 Jan 2003

silent psu fans are also on the links I gave

  AndySD 14:08 05 Jan 2003

I will try again

If your sure its the processor fan then click here

click here for instructions for removal and replacment.

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