CPU Fan spinning @ full speed

  Sparkly 18:52 17 Sep 2010

Hi all i have pick up a Fujitsu Siemens Desktop Scaleo Media Center from a garage sale sold as not working (£10) but i thought might be usefull for spares,i powerd it up and as soon as you switch the power on at the wall socket thw CPU fan flies into full speed and then slows up and then speeds up again just as if (ie) you were sat in your car and revving the engine fast to idle and so on,i have stipped everything out one by one so that now it is only the 24pin power to the M/Board the ATX 12V is allso disconnected.As i say the fan fires into life without the power button on the front being pushed, any thoughts on this? Is it worth repairing? Or strip it out for spares?
XP Media Center
Gigabyte GA-81915PM mobo
Seagate Barracuda 200 gig Sata H/D
1gig DDR400 ram
ATI Radeon Graphics card 256mb
Phillips Creatix TV Tuner 7134
2 DVD Drives Card Reader
Thanks for any thoughts.

  woodchip 19:06 17 Sep 2010

Yes motherboard Blown

  woodchip 19:07 17 Sep 2010

Yes motherboard is Blown

  Sparkly 19:13 17 Sep 2010

hi woodchip thought thats what might be the answer i would get back in a reply.
Thanks for the swift reply spares it is by the look of things.

  woodchip 19:17 17 Sep 2010

Makes me wonder if the PSU as gone as this is what normally takes out hardware when it blows

  Sparkly 19:18 17 Sep 2010

Hi woodchip just been doing that earlier fitted a brand new one with just the same result.

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