CPU Fan Speed

  ulrich 16:37 11 Dec 2004

I have just changed my PC Case for a Thermaltake with 3 case fans, due to getting a bit hot in the summer, I also have just put in a FX5900XT(unfortunately for my son this Christmas). Never having messed with the MB before I did get mixed up with what goes where, but sorted that.
Now my problem is the CPU fan it is a Thermaltake Silent 80mm fan, which should run at 2450RPM + or - 10%, but according to the ASUS monitor it is running at 2743RPM, I have it set at 2200RPM the lowest setting, this is not a new problem I had this before I changed the case. Any ideas. The CPU temp is 40c and the mb 22c.
I am thinking of a fan controller any suggestions on which one?

  Noelg23 16:39 11 Dec 2004

not sure y u would need that when ur temps seem perfectly fine...but im sure one will tell u wot u need...

  ACOLYTE 16:42 11 Dec 2004

I wouldbt worry if the fan works and is cooling the cpu there shouldnt be a problem,fans speed up slow down according to the cpu temp,so it running faster doesnt mean a great deal.

  Gongoozler 16:45 11 Dec 2004

I agree with Noelg23. If the temperature is good and the fan is quiet, then there isn't much to worry about. The ASUS monitor figure is only as good as the device doing the measuring. Another very good monitoring tool is MBM 5 from click here

  ACOLYTE 16:46 11 Dec 2004

Should ays my fan runs at about 4116rpm and can go up to 10,000rpm if needs be ,and if it ever did i would worry lol.my cpu temp is 30,and mb 27
my h-driver run hotter at 38/33 respectivly.

  ulrich 17:39 11 Dec 2004

Thanks for replies something is a bit noisy, but this could be the FX5900 fan, which I am planning on dealing with in the not too distant future.
Thanks again and and of course a Happy Christmas. I have to do the C tree tomorrow.

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