CPU Fan racing

  griffo 20:46 09 Apr 2009

I have just assembled a new PC from a 'barebones' package. All has gone fine but the CPU fan is racing and very noisy. As I got the suppliers to fit an alternative CPU fan (Nexus PHT-7750 Silent), I was hoping it would be quiet!

The manufacturers blurb says the motherboard should control the fan speed but it clearly isn't! Can anyone suggest why it's going flat-out and what I can do about it please?

  dan11 21:10 09 Apr 2009

Is it single, dual or a quad core cpu? Have you checked the bios for minimal fan speed and to see if the cpu is throttled down?

If it is a hyper threading or speed step cpu it may be going flat out, then the fan has to keep it cool.

  citadel 21:18 09 Apr 2009

toms hardware review says it's loud and hot. you could have got a arctic cooling freezer 7 pro for £18.

  griffo 21:37 09 Apr 2009

dual E8400. Don't know where to go in the bios but as the HD has come from another PC which has virtually the same spec (only difference is the cpu), I would have thought the bios settings would operate the cpu fan as they did in the other machine ie; OK?

citadel - yes and a lot of other reviews say it's really good - I've given up trying to sort 'the wheat from chaff' with most reviews. This fan has a pretty good reputation from user reviews.

  citadel 23:03 09 Apr 2009

you can get a zalman fanmate 2 for about £4, you feed the control wire to the outside of the case where you can turn a knob to adjust the fan speed. keep cpu 20c below it's tj max.

  smoking44 23:59 09 Apr 2009

As this is a 4 pin connector you can control this with this program
click here
Go through to configure and then advanced and select your motherboard con fig in drop down box. Find PMW 1 and change to smart guardian, this will run fan at half full speed which will be very quiet.
I have found that motherboard control of fans always have some fault that make this type of control unstable.

  griffo 10:24 10 Apr 2009

"When all else fails, RTBM"!!

I have discovered that MSI put a utility called Dual Core Centre on the CD which, amongst other things, controls fan speed.

I have installed this and have slowed the fan as far as it will go (much quieter). It now cycles between 1770 - 1845 rpm. This gives a CPU temp of 19 - 20 C and a System temp of 29 C (what is system temp?)

Under a heading : VGA temperature, it shows
GPU 43 -44 C

Can anyone please clarify what all this means (I understand CPU temp) and tell me if these readings are OK?

  dan11 10:27 10 Apr 2009

a System temp of 29 C

The temp inside the case.

Under a heading : VGA temperature, it shows
GPU 43 -44 C

the temp of your graphics card.

  dan11 10:27 10 Apr 2009

The temps are fine.

  griffo 13:22 10 Apr 2009

Thanks for that.
The MSI utility said to disable CPU Smart FAN Target in the BIOS before saving manual fan-speed settings.

Having rebooted to look in the BIOS, the fan speed increased again and the BIOS readings differed substantially from the utility readings:-
CPU temp 29 - 30 C
System " 28 - 29 C
CPU fan 2835 - 2970 rpm
system " 1734 - 1738 rpm

I am now a bit uncertain, as these reading show higher temperatures despite the high fan speed, which do I believe?

Should CPU Smart Fan Target be enabled? If so, would it do what the utility is doing (without using as much resources)?

  citadel 19:48 10 Apr 2009

tj max is 95c for your cpu, it has been tested to run at this 24/7 for three years or your money back. it will auto shut down if it ever reaches 95c. if you overclock stay 20c below.

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