CPU fan only spins once booted in safe mode

  JamesMc18 17:53 27 Sep 2016

I have recently been having issues with my cpu fan. When i turn my computer on it doesnt spin and after a while the system just shuts itself down without warning because of this.

However, i have found a temporary solution but i need to find a permanent fix. Currently if i boot the system in safe mode and then restart the computer a couple of times the fan spins. Im not sure why this is.

Do i need a new cpu fan or could it be something software/OS related?


  xania 15:57 28 Sep 2016

Anything hardware related would not be affected by the way you run your software. However, the only thing that I can think of to stop your fan from spinning would be software that switches the fan an and off dependant on CPU temperature - this software might not run in safe mode. If you have such software installed, stop it from running at boot up and see if this solves the problem.

  Burn-it 19:07 28 Sep 2016

Make and Model of computer??

  bumpkin 19:38 28 Sep 2016

Is this a desktop, if so then then make sure the fan is clean and not covered in fluff which could stop it physically. If that is ok then probably a sensor giving a wrong temperature input as xania suggests.

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