cpu fan needs replacing

  window man 09:10 19 Jan 2003
  window man 09:10 19 Jan 2003

My friends computer cpu fan needs replacing as it is getting a bit noisey. Can you unscrew the fan from the heatsink and just replace the fan or do you have to replace the heat sink and fan ? Also do you need to take out the motherboard to change the heat sink and fan or is it ok to change in situ?

  AMD 4 ever 09:42 19 Jan 2003

Firstly it will be worth take the sie off, then have a look to see if the Fan has four screws in each corner, ifso then you can usually just replace them.It is then down to finding a good fan for it that fits.

Now the last prob is just a matter of carefully releasing the pressure socket clips, apply a little force to the latch and it should pop out, then remover heatsink.
I personally would replace the whole lot, give it a spring clean.

  window man 09:47 19 Jan 2003

Thanks for the reply. I am happy changing both the heat sink and fan but wondered if i had to take the mobo out so that it didnt get damaged putting the heat sink and fan back on?

  Psiman 09:50 19 Jan 2003

You should be able to remove the fan without disturbing the heatsink. Typically they are held on to the heatsink by four screws.

Make sure the new replacemnt fan gives an equal or greater airflow than the old one.

If you wish to change the heatsink and fan assembly it's best to do this with the motherboard removed for AMD processors, although it can be done in situ with care. Pentium processors? no problem, can be done in situ.

  Psiman 09:52 19 Jan 2003

Apologies - snap. The old two digit typing strikes again!

  AMD 4 ever 10:01 19 Jan 2003

Yea sorry foirgot to say, if you are replacing the heatsink then it would be best to take the m/board out as the board may bend, and the you will get further probs.

  siarad 10:33 19 Jan 2003

If possible the safest way is to only replace the fan. If AMD, do it now as they burn out as opposed to Intel which simply shut down safely

  window man 11:23 19 Jan 2003

Thank you everyone for replying. I am going to take the mobo out and replace the heatsink and fan.

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