CPU Fan Failure

  kalstras 12:22 07 Mar 2010

I am really unhappy. It seems my CPU fan is full of dust again, yet this time there is a difference. The spring loaded screws that hold the housing onto the motherboard (HP Leonite - GL8E) have broken away. The upper right and the lower left failed and there are only the other two holding the fan on.

Can I buy a replacement? Not on a Sunday. AND PC World want me to leave it there for up to two weeks for repair. TWO WEEKS! I think not.

My Computer is an HP Pavilion Media Centre m7775.uk-a click here and I need help please... Anyone?

  gengiscant 13:11 07 Mar 2010

Is it possible to post a picture of your problem,having difficulty understanding what has broken as it should be a relatively simple job of replacing the fan/heatsink going by the mobo picture you posted.

  oldbeefer3 13:18 07 Mar 2010

If the heatsink is firmly attached to the CPU, and the only problem is the screws fixing the fan to the heatsink, then 2 screws are fine. As gengis says, a picture or more detailed description would help.

  kalstras 13:40 07 Mar 2010

k will try, the only thing is, if I remove it again, photograph and replace it, it may make things worse or not working at all.

I will draw a picture and post that...

Cheers for the replys :D

  kalstras 13:45 07 Mar 2010

uploading a photo I took (forgot) and drawing the points of failure

  kalstras 14:05 07 Mar 2010

this picture shows a "face on" view, the side view scribble is my picture of where the two fails are

click here

there is a spring loaded screw that passes through the housing that encapsulates the aluminium finned unit, and the lockwasher that holds the screw in place only has about a 5mil piece of plastic to rely on.

Other than full replacement, I don't know where to get replacements parts.

Oh and even if I was to get a brand new replacement, I have no clue where to begin, obviously other than HP or PC World, both of which are very unhelpful on a sunday.

  mrmillimetre 14:38 07 Mar 2010

I tried to get one of these type of fans and its virtually impossible I had to remove the heatsink/fan combination and glue the broken parts together with an all plastics glue and then i put some strips of gaffer tape around the repair to strenghten and hold in place whilst it dried I left it for 24 hrs then screwed it back on but didnt tighten the screws down fully as this seemed to be the cause of the failure in the first place

  kalstras 15:01 07 Mar 2010

so is there an alternative to new comp?

  mrmillimetre 15:30 07 Mar 2010

the decision is yours to make i personally would try a repair first

  kalstras 15:49 07 Mar 2010

that's what I'm doing but duck tape and WD40 isn't something I'm comfortable with, it's either specific components or nothing...

I want to make myself clear here, I am attempting to get help to find a place that sells my part. as it is Sunday, it's unlikely I know, but still, I must try.

Thanks for helping anyhow :)

  mrmillimetre 15:58 07 Mar 2010

you will not find anywhere that will stock your item they were made for a specific type of motherboard supplied to computer manufacurers like hp and packard bell you could try and get one from them but i doubt you will have much luck

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