CPU Fan Error on Startup & CPU temp high in BIO

  Joe G 23:43 20 Nov 2017

I occasionally get the above message on booting up. Pressing F1 as instructed shows the CPU in the red zone of the temperature dial. However I have downloaded Core Temp and this shows all the cores operating at around 40 degrees

Which should I believe

The problem has become more frequent since I installed a new SSD (I finally gave up trying to cope with a 40Gb SSD as the system disc!) but the PC seems to be operating ok - no sudden shutdowns or any other symptoms of a problem

Thanks for any help

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:45 21 Nov 2017

PC make and model?

Perhaps a BIOS reset to default may work, take a note of your BIOS settings first then reset to default then put the settings back in. After that you may need a BIOS update to solve the problem.

  Joe G 10:14 22 Nov 2017

Thanks - it's a Chillblast - not sure of the model name as a few years old. Running Win 10 (just updated from Win 7 when I installed a new 256 Gb Samsung EVO SSD to replace my Corsair 40Gb one), 1 Tb HDD, 8Gb RAM, Asus Motherboard & NVDIA graphics card, i5 processor

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:08 22 Nov 2017

Any idea what motherboard its got in it? Belarc will tell you then you can check the manufacturers web site for BIOS upgrades if required.

Normaly I don't advise messing with the BIOS but I think your problem may be BIOS related. Hoever as you have change the SSD might be worth just checking all connections are tight and you haven't disturbed anything.

I also run a Chillblast machine (Commando).

Chillblast have an excellant after sales service even though its out of guarantee they still give you advice if you tell them your problem.

  Joe G 16:31 24 Nov 2017

Thanks - it's an Asus P8Z68- V LE motherboard - I was away from the PC when I posted earlier which is why I didn't have the details

It seems to have stopped giving the warning on boot up so I may be best leaving it alone for the moment but if it starts playing up again I'll take your advice. The Core Temp programme is still consistently showing temperatures around 40 - 50 degrees which I assume is ok

Been very happy with Chillblast - I had some initial problems with this PC several years ago (HDD DOA and an incompatible soundcard fitted) and they sorted stuff out efficiently. I'd certainly buy another of theirs if this was dies!

Thanks again

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