CPU fan on constant.

  sharkyy 15:02 27 Jan 2010

Hi. Does any one know if you can set the cpu fan to stay on all the time ? MY fan comes on when temp reach's 71c and turns off when it reach's 59c. Is this normal ?

  howard64 15:05 27 Jan 2010

seems pretty normal to me though not sure of the temperature range - modern motherboards can control the fans speed to save energy when not required.

  sharkyy 15:07 27 Jan 2010

Thanks Howard64. Does any one know if the temp range can be adjusted ?

  GaT7 15:09 27 Jan 2010

No, it's not normal for it to turn off altogether at 59°C, but it might be set up this way in the BIOS, for extra quietness.

Was it a ready-built PC or a self-build?

Anyway, you can change these settings in the BIOS if you like. It'll be under 'Hardware Monitoring' or similar. G

  sharkyy 15:12 27 Jan 2010

Thanks. it was a ready built pc. i will check this out.In the mean time, is there aan online programe that could do the job as well ?

  GaT7 15:23 27 Jan 2010

You can try SpeedFan click here to see if it works for you/it's any good, but I think these things are best left for the BIOS to control.

There are hardware solutions as well, like an adjustable fan controller. G

  sharkyy 15:34 27 Jan 2010

Thanks crossbow7. I have checked the Bios settings and cant find any refrence to hardware. I am running speedfan but dont think this can change the temp range. Thanks for your help anyway.

  gengiscant 15:59 27 Jan 2010

what is your mobo? I am also a self builder and most modern mobos allow you alter various settings.If you tell me your mobo,I will try and find out.

  GaT7 16:16 27 Jan 2010

In the BIOS, have you looked under Power > Hardware Monitor > CPU fan control (or similar)?

A pic of its location in one of my PCs click here.

It may be in a different location in yours. G

  retep888 20:26 27 Jan 2010

You might have an Asus AMD cool & quiet Qfan enabled motherboard.

Try going into setup Bios and should be under hardware monitoring, see if the QFan cool & quiet was enabled, if so, disable it and your Cpu fan should be on constantly.

  sharkyy 08:08 28 Jan 2010

Thanks Everyone.my mobo is a fujitsu siemans GA-81848PM. i am running XP on a pentium 4 comp.

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