Cpu Fan

  TonyAA 13:59 29 Mar 2005

During booting the bios informs me cpu fan has failed and to press F1 to continue.It's a 120mm low rpm fan connected to motherboard header which is working fine but seems not to be registering with bios.Any way to stop having to press F1 every time computer is booting.

  Technotiger 14:02 29 Mar 2005

Hi, if your cpu fan has failed you should not use pc until fan is replaced - could cause expensive damage to system.


  Technotiger 14:10 29 Mar 2005

Sorry, just re-read your Post - fan is working.
Perhaps battery needs changing, or CMOS needs to be cleared and re-set.


  gudgulf 15:18 29 Mar 2005

Can you set the speed at which the fan alarm triggers in the bios? If it is set for a normal 3000+ rpm fan it might be seeing your 120mm fan as failed because of its lower speed.

  TonyAA 16:19 29 Mar 2005

Been in bios and nothing to alter fan speed.Just wondering if anyone knew way around this as you can't just turn on computer and leave it to boot itself.

  jono366 16:46 29 Mar 2005

Try a fan speed controler.... they are cheap and if that works then you know it is the speed that your motherboard wont let you change that is the problem...... I am no expert thought...:(

  medicine hat 17:20 29 Mar 2005

A bios upgrade may give you the option to reduce the fan speed alarm level. Or have you tried changing the "Stop on all errors" type setting?

  Rayuk 17:26 29 Mar 2005

Have you got a case fan you can connect to the motherboard header then connect cpu fan to either another motherboard header or a molex.

  TonyAA 20:31 29 Mar 2005

I have just opened the case and found I had plugged the cpu fan into the header that was in the same position as cpu header on my old board, but it turns out what the headers supply on this board are different.Thanks for your replies they gave me a clue,my fault for rushing build and not checking guide properly.

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