CPU fail & Getting old hard drives into new PC

  blueski 01:28 02 Aug 2007

Hi all. I have a couple of computer problems - would really any appreciate any quick advice/suggestions. Here's the story so far:

A few nights ago I was using my desktop PC (bought a couple of years ago) when it suddenly froze completely (couldn't even bring up Process Manager). I unplugged and tried to reboot but got the 'System Failed CPU test' message and a blank screen. Tried a few things inc. different power cables and disconnecting the motherboard power cable, re-attaching and then turning on again but no joy. I am pretty sure the CPU on the mobo has overclocked/gone kaput based on what I've read by googling but I have not attempted reset of CMOS as not very confident on this. I'm not very good with motherboards/CPUs at all and had been planning to get a new PC anyway. The heat sink fan and capacitors all seem fine btw - the motheboard looks pretty clean after a couple of years use from that I can tell tho it was never 100% reliable (e.g. I had to install a new soundcard and USB card because the built in ones didn't seem to work properly)

Problem is I have GBs of project work, docs, photos, music etc. on the hard drives NOT backed up- foolish of course. I have lots of old backups, just nothing that recent. You know how it is.

So I URGENTLY need to get the data from the hard drives into a new system somehow.

If I buy a new PC tomorrow (which is my plan) do you think I'll be able to remove the hard drive on the new PC before even turning it on and replacing it with the master HD on my current PC without any problems? It would only be temporary as I know it could slow down the new machine. But I'm worried the old drive wouldn't be compatable with the new motherboard (how likely is this do you think?) and there is also the IDE vs SATA issue - but I will make sure any new PC I buy can accommodate IDE drives at least.

I thought I could get and install an IDE caddy but i have no experience with these. If I could put an old hard drive into new machine via IDE caddy without having to format it to get the new PC (running Vista Home most likely) to recognise it that could be the best way.

The most important thing is that I don't lose the data on my current hard drives but I feel that buying a completely new PC might be easier for me than trying to remove the motherboard on my current PC and having to take pot luck on a new one hoping it will work (and that I'll be able to perform the surgery properly!).

Sorry for the length of this but have tried to be specific as possible - any help hugely appreciated thanks.

  C3 03:24 02 Aug 2007

If all the data is on your C drive currently, then there may be a conflict if you hook it up into the new machine as both drives will have a version of Windows on it.
If it is on a separate drive to the original C drive then you should be ok just hooking it up.

If the new PC is running SATA Drives then bear in mind you will probably only have one IDE port rather than two so if you attach it to the same cable as your DVD/CD drive then it will run pretty slowly. There shouldn't be any compatability with runing both types of hard drive.

The other alternative as you said is to get an external hard drive case and just plug it in. This usually works pretty easily. I think they're around 40 quid. Useful for backups, but don't really run fast enough to use for anything else.

  ambra4 04:04 02 Aug 2007

PC with IDE Hard Drive

There is no need to do all that, as the old hard drive will not work as the primary drive as windows XP will be looking for the hardware drivers of the new PC plus the motherboard drivers, so old drive will not boot up or with errors.

Just remove hard drive from old pc change jumper on old hard drive to slave and install into PC

as the slave drive on primary IDE cable second connection on cable

Do Not Remove The First Connection On The IDE Cable to the New PC Hard Drive

Just plug the old hard drive on the second connector of IDE cable and plug in a power cable

PC with SATA Drive

If new PC have Sata hard drive just install the old hard drive as a master from the primary IDE socket on the motherboard using a normal IDE Cable

Check the BIOS that all hard drive setting SATA & IDE connection on motherboard is set to Auto or enabled

Once the pc is rebooted Windows XP will install the old drive as ā€œDā€

All this Information is for a Windows XP PC only

If you buy a Vista PC I cannot help you, as I do not use Vista.

And not to sure this method will work.

  keef66 10:54 02 Aug 2007

easiest option is to buy an external usb enclusure to put your old HDD in. just plug it into a usb port on your new pc and read your data from the old disk

  blueski 11:41 02 Aug 2007

Thanks all. It sounds like the best thing for me to do is buy something like the Q-Tec 750H (click here) that will let me encase my old hard drives in exterbal box that I can then connect to new PC via USB2 and retrieve the data from there. Sounds great to me, as long as it works.

  keef66 13:02 02 Aug 2007

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