CPU Equivalent

  J B 20:25 01 Apr 2006

Can anyone tell me what the AMD XP-m 3000+ 1.6 GHz is equal to in Intel terms. J.B.

  J B 20:35 01 Apr 2006

Sorry, I forgot to say that it is an Athlon Cpu. J.B.

  J B 20:41 01 Apr 2006

I will close this thread< I think I found out where to look. J.B.

  PC Bilbo 21:00 01 Apr 2006

The Athlon M series was basically intended for the notebook market or small form factor pc's where cooling would be more of an issue.The M stands for mobile.

Intel have their Pentium M series intended also mainly for notebooks.

AMD and Intel used different approaches to benchmarking their CPU's.

Very simplistically, AMD use a coding to indicate how much work the processor does per clock cycle; the inference being that their processor running at 1.6GHz would process a similar amount of work per clock cycle compared to an Intel processor running at 3.0 GHz (although they never actually claim this in so many words).

However, there are other differences: e.g. FSB bandwidth and L2 Cache to take into account.

As I say this is a very simplistic comparison but I hope it helps.

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