CPU crashes on startup

  lonemascot 09:48 07 Jun 2008

my computer seems to get stuck on startup. it gets to the windows logo screen and just stops. the orange light on my tower unit is on constantly as if its doing something.

after ages i have to reset the computer and i get asked how i want to start windows; normally, safe mode or last known good configuration. i chose the last known good configuration and it started.

until yesterday! it was busted, couldn't get it to start at all. I completely formatted the HD and reinstalled windows and a few important programs such as norton and office.

i updated using windows and norton update. it was all fine. restarts went smoothly. i turned it off last night and my girlfriend with her devil finger turned it on again this morning and broke it lol. it wouldn't start until i started with good config again.

Is this a Hard Disk or Power Supply problem?

Any ideas or troubleshooting tips all welcome.

  johndrew 10:39 07 Jun 2008

Sounds suspiciously as if you may have a HDD problem. Before you do anything else though, check all your connections inside the PC in case anything is loose. If you have a second HDD you could disconnect it and try to boot again, if it starts OK it may be the second drive that is at fault.

  johndrew 10:40 07 Jun 2008

Disconnect from the mains supply before you do anything inside the case.

  lonemascot 10:52 07 Jun 2008

Cheers, i had a look and everything seems as it should. I don't have a 2nd drive, only an external backup drive (which was off in any case).

I've had problems with previous hard drives and from my experience with them, it seems as though when they start to go wrong they usually get worse and not better.

Its only 6 months old so under warranty, i'll just go and swap it to be on the safe side.

Anything else that could cause similar problems?

I did have a problem a while back when the computer was doing a fair amount of work it'd crash then. I got 1024mb ram on XP and the programs weren't terribly memory hungry.

Maybe something to do with the problem I got now?

  johndrew 13:01 07 Jun 2008

`Maybe something to do with the problem I got now?`

Possibly, but as you say HDDs get worse when they start to fail not better.

What make is it?

  lonemascot 16:07 07 Jun 2008

I think its Hitachi!!
Whats the best manufacturer to get?

  johndrew 16:21 07 Jun 2008

Nothing wrong with Hitachi HDDs - some of the unbranded ones may be suspect.

I suppose you have checked all the temperatures to make certain nothing is being overheated try Everest Home Free click here for this job.

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