CPU cooling

  mikeyb59 18:41 24 Jun 2003

I have just fitted an XP2400+ chip to my Jetway 266B mobo. Everything works fine but I am a bit concerned about temps. CPU seems to run at about 56C under 100% load ([email protected] This is with the supplied heatsink & fan.

Is this temp OK and do any forum members have any suggestions regarding alternative cooling?

Should add that I already have two additional case fans fitted.

TIA Mike

  malgall 19:05 24 Jun 2003

i would not say 56 is that high under 100% load
my computer at idle is 41 to 47 at this moment
it used to be high 50s so i first changed the case for an antec 1080 with truepower power supply which gives me more vents my old case had no extra vents or places to put more fans the new case has 3 extra fans i only have 1 working and then i changed my heatsink & fan because the old one was too loud . the old fan ran at 5000 rpm and aluminium heatsink .the new one is a coolmaster L61 fan run at 3000 rpm with copper heatsink it is quiet and cool and i still have two fans to plug in if it does get hot

  mikeyb59 20:14 24 Jun 2003

Thanks for the response. Very reassuring.

Any more?

  BeForU 20:33 24 Jun 2003

you could also try using artic silver compound to replace the current thermal grease between your cpu and heatsink since that really helps as well!

also how are your fans placed? it should usually be one sucking in air on the front bottom of the case and one blowing air out of the case at the back right near the cpu area!

  Rayuk 20:50 24 Jun 2003

You can reduce the temps but it will mean forking out a fair amount of cash for the better modles,unless you are thinking of overclocking do as BeForU suggests re using arctic silver.

  mikeyb59 15:23 25 Jun 2003


  Brian-336451 15:44 25 Jun 2003

My Athon chip is running at 57°C so that's pretty consistent.

  mikeyb59 17:07 25 Jun 2003

Reassured now. PC has been on all afternoon and still running at 56C.

Will tick as resolved.

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