CPU Cooler Help! ASAP need info buy tomorrow

  Puns1234 11:50 17 Dec 2015

Hi! Well i have had a FX 8350 for a while with stock cooler, and it is REALLY loud, so im planning on getting a new one tomorrow. Now I have found two which I can get, now these are the only two I can get due to not being able to go to PC case gear, only to MSY for reasons. These are the two coolers i have my mind on:

Noctua NH-L12 Low Profile CPU Cooler - $83 click here OR

Noctua NH-U12S - $89 click here intend to run games at max power with a cool CPU and a quiet noise. (temp at around 50 Celsius when running high end games) Will it be good enough to run quietly with a good temp when running high end games? Thanks for helping out a noob!

Also space, im not quiet sure if it will fit on my mobo perfectly, here is a link to my mobo. click here


  Bris 17:54 17 Dec 2015

If your stock cooler is keeping your CPU temperature at 50C or below then as you say the reason for fitting a more efficient cooler would be noise reduction.

The main concern with any cooler is its size as they are considerably larger than a stock cooler. The main concern is the height - will it fit inside the case such that you can put the side back on. Width - will it cover any of your expansion slots or foul any other components on your motherboard.

Both the coolers you mention will fit your CPU but you may need access to the reverse side of the motherboard but not sure of this as according to the spec if you have an AMD CPU then you may be OK.

The bottom line is the size - both have 120mm fans which are a lot bigger than your stock cooler so its a case of taking out a ruler and measuring around the CPU to see which is the better of the two. One is a low profile cooler and you can omit one of the fans if necessary so that may be your best bet but apart from the advice above I cant help further.

  tonydenv 19:25 17 Dec 2015

you could try water cooling

  Bris 14:17 18 Dec 2015

If you decide on a NH-L12 then this may help - click here.

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